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Pru's suggestion. Would you rather have a sharp stick in the eye or a massage?

Tough choices

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I think you're about to get a sharp kick in the pants!
i dun tole ya befor i like email massages
Someone send Clod a message, he's confused again.
My gut instnct says massage, still I'll take the sharp stick, in case this is a trick question.....
Is your grandson watching you today???. Head trama involved???
Let me get back to you on this Blondie.... right now I got something in my eye....
I used to feel good about babysitting my grandson... come to find out, that gramma left instructions with the kid to call 911 if grandpa does something stupid........
The grandson was a good boy yesterday. He wasn't feeling well Monday night so Mom and Dad kept him out of school. Dad picked up a happy, healthy boy around 3pm yesterday. It's Gramdma and Grandpa's special touch.
I thought I heard in some places they use sticks as part of the massage
The "would you rather" that Pru asked was too difficult. I like easy choices.
There are no easy choices
lol, that is was scary! Nice tattoos though.




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