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For those that remember Pru, the sweetheart that received a liver transplant on Friday the 13th of Feburary last year.  I believe she is doing great.  I don't worry about her but I still pray for her.  Let's all send her some positive vibes.

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Prune kolaches for Pru!
Positive vibes on the way. I wasn't around until April of last year. I remember wondering what the big fuss was all about with this "Pru" lady. Now I know.

Positive vibes on the way to Pru from George and me too!

Damn, Aggie, You beat me to it. I was typing the anniversery congratulations when up popped yours.
I remember being so happy that she was getting the transplant. But also so scared that there might be complications. And there were.
She and her mother are going to the theater tonight to celebrate.
I agree, lets send all the positive vibes that we can.
If you have been on tbd for any length of time, you have probably gotten a few KIPs from her. I treasure every one.
When the complications set in and we thought she might not make it, I remember sitting at the computer with tears rolling down my face. It is amazing that someone you have never met,except through her writing can move you that much. And after you meet her in person, you are even more impressed
I like Dear Pru,
She was the reason that I kept coming back to TBD when I got involved with another site.
I wanted to see how she was doing.
I hope she is doing fine.




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