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Ning feels they have everything back to normal

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Mother Sanity is always the last to know, alas. Turn my back for a second and the world re-invents itself! At least the holidaze are over! Merry merry, happy, happy!
You would be right as usual Quinn
I agree, trr, Still not working. Come on ning, lets get this taken care of.
Yeah!! If Kevin is back--that means the problem should have been fixed!
maybe it is kevin's fault???
Do you think lck, formerly Kevin, had anything to do with this problem. Maybe it is just the Gremlins, Lol
Is that ick or lck?
Thanks Sandy. Is that pronounced "LICK"?
LOL (Click Me)
I'm going to hold my breath until this is fixed Ning!!!!!
Ning feels they have everything back to normal.

I have been doing one of those maniacal laughs as I kept trying to enter this thread off and on for the past five hours. Oh the irony.
are we healed?




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