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TeeBubbaDee is going into the hospital tomorrow for surgery & could be there awhile...
I just want you to know, TeeBub, that you have lots of friendship & love & support here, & an abundance of people that will be pulling for your success & recovery. You're awesome.

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Dug - meet my foster dog - don't you need a pair of bookends??

The resemblance is remarkable!!!

I think Tee is having happy dreams on his meds...

Good morning, sweet puppy!

come 'ere, TeeBub, let me whisper a little something to ya....
get well soon.xox
Thinking 'bout ya...

omg, is that a dog?

TeeBub, I'm w/Olivia and her.................friend.

We're ready to hear from you! xox

An ungroomed PWD?
Thank you Ms. Farquar!
Thanks Pru.
A get well card from me & TSD to TeeBubbaDee cuz he's having a DAWG ol' time of it all. (Warning - wetting of pants has been known to happen ;) - extremely funny
Thanks for keeping us informed, Pru! TeeBubbaDee is in my thoughts and prayers.
I miss his posts, and hope he will be able to get back in here with the rest of us soon.
Big but gentle cyberhug to TeeBubbaDee too! ((TeeBubbaDee))

Your are in our prayers.




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