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What does this mean to you?

Do you think this willhave any effect on the conduct of our war effort in Afghanistan and Iraq?


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I am with you there, and pray that we have peace, each and everyday....the hate that goes on in the minds of men, to me is

abominable....I am thankful that Bin Laden has been captured and killed, yet I fear there will be someone to take his place and the members of his team will seek revenge

I am a member of our community crisis response team in colorado, and we just had a training on chemical warfare and it was both extremely informative and frightening...I hope that I never have to be a participant in something like that

He's dead.  I'm glad he is.  He deserved it.  Good riddance to him.  The absolutely certain effect is that he himself won't do anything again.

Amen to that, Tim... I was surprised at how happy I was when I heard that we killed him... I was shocked that I could be happy over the death of another human being... But, justice was done... Justice for all the people that Bin Laden has killed, not only here in the USA, but all over the world... He was an evil man and justice was done...


As far as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, I don't think there will be any affect at all... My wish would be that we would bring our men and women home, but since the wars haven't been about Bin Laden for many years now, I don't think much will be done to end them any sooner because of his death.

I would rather not weigh in on this, but I've decided to, b/c I need to be courageous

& be willing to put myself out here, even when it's not going to be popular.

I don't condone any of us taking the life of another, no matter what.

Putting him away forever, so that he could not orchestrate anymore harm or violence, I would support completely.

I know that war & the situation in the Middle East is way more complex & complicated than I can begin to understand, but my core belief is unchanged, and that is that we need to preserve the sanctity of life, whenever we can, no matter what. I realize that the issue of self defense gets broad & gray at times, and that many would say this was an act of self defense. But if there is a choice NOT to kill, that's the choice I feel should be made.


I am surprised at my reaction.

I feel nothing, almost like this is a non event for me. I don't know why.

Maybe because I don't know that justice has been served or that this will bring closure for so many who were affected by his heinous actions. Maybe because I'm not sure that this will bring down Al Qaeda...

I just don't know...

It's been somewhat of a non-event for me too, Quinn.  I had too much on my plate during that September.   Watching my mother die and then 911 on top of that, I don't know, it left me kind of numb.  Maybe that's why I'm having such a hard time grasping the violence in emotion so many people are expressing right now.  Or maybe I'm just tired of watching one act of violence play out after another.

I agree with it being a non-event but there is still an element of sadness about it.   There is no crueler breed than human beings.  This will never change.  Humans kill for sport and perpetuation of self purpose, and  most certainly in the name of  religion.

Evil and treachery abound.  For every evildoer put down there is another to replace it.  The world is probably somewhat less safe today than it was yesterday.

...Or maybe I'm just tired of watching one act of violence play out after another.

I think that is a part of it for me as well.

I agree. I think the last decade has desensitized us, numbed us. It's been too much. It's overload.

I am numb to a lot of what is going on right now, but in reading this, and thinking about it, I have gotten very angry all over again at our previous administration. So, so much of what has happened in the last several years could have been averted. Of that I am sure. And that includes many, many lives.

Well said d's. I just can't comment on this thread.

I appreciate that, P.A. I didn't want to, but eventually felt compelled to.

Thanks for the support. This is a tough, tough topic all around.

I guess because I did not personally know any of the people killed in 9/11, my feelings about it were not as emotional as many. Or more probable, because I've been a number of places where killing was a pretty common occurance.

I am glad that they got him. I normally am not a big advocate of killing as punishment, but in cases like this, I agree with it.

I do not believe life is holy. I do believe it is very important, but not holy. We and every other living thing on earth will die. No matter what, you kill something, or something is killed for you almost every day. 

Oh well, that is a whole different argument.

bin Laudin was already living like a prisoner, so locking him up would not have been punishment for what he did.

Killing him may have done nothing to make the world safer, but it does show that we will not condone anyone carrying out a plot for mass murder. Killing a murderer may not keep others from killing, but neither will it make others think that there is no punishment for it.




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