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1. National Health Care Plan
A. teach new parents how to bring up baby.
B. Written based upon a book written by his NHC advisor
C Attempted to have passed without study or input by the House

2. Proposal to allow him to take over the internet
A. only in what he deems is an emergency

3. He has proposed to install federal troops in each state.

4. Talking to school children and setting up learning plans.

5. On television frequently
A. Losing the networks advertising time.

6. Just like third world countries
A. has frequent press conferences
B. On Billboards
C. All the medias
i. Television
ii. Newspapers
iii. Magazines

7. Has been creating Czars to run our business and lives
A. The citizens have no voice in these "leaders" appointments

8. Giving away money just like Hitler did when he got into power.

9. Rumors that he may use the flu pandemic a reason for martial law.
A. There is a proposal that would give the police or Militia right to come
into peoples homes if not fully cooperating with Federal mandates on
flu shots.

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"On our way to dictatorship?"

Gee Willikers, didn't we just get OUT of one of those?
Right Snagg but he was a Republican and a Christain, which means he could do no wrong
So are you saying because Democrats are not Christians they do all the wrong? Are you sure it works that way? Don' t think so. I know a lot of Dems that are Christian. Down to earth, hard working and intelligent people.
very good at twisting what someone says. a very typical right wing tactic. Do you not understand satire when you see it.
I thought that was what I was doing. lol
No we did not just get out of one of those. Good golly, everyone, including the Republicans, know what an inept president Bush was. But in spite of what some may think he did not orchestrate 9/11. That Czar was not one of the best choice for the job.
....Huh? "9/11"?

Who the hell was talking about 9/11? I was talking about the warrantless wiretaps and surveillance, the cell phone and e-mail eavesdropping and data mining, the politicization of the Justice Department, the constant "With-Us-Or-Against-Us" propaganda, the "Heaven-Sent" social directives and the "Holy War" horseshit....Every one of those instances are indicative of a dictatorial mindset....
oh my, did I not say Bush was a lousy president. There are some of us who believe that the current president is not much better and his choice of advisors and Czars reflect on him as well. But these are just general opinions and only time and history will clue the future generation as to whether he was a good, great. bad, or lousy President.

Perhaps while the mindset was dictatorial there were no clues that he was trying to be a dictator.

Well the Tigers won and it is getting late. Hope everyone has a pleasant evening or sleep. I apparently got some people upset. I am sorry. I just think what I think of our President and say what I think. Maybe I am wrong but I will continue to say what I think. I just hope that I did not step over the line and make untoward comments about the people that disagree with me. I can see that you people are intelligent and educated and I probably am out of my league.

I am just sorry that Biden didn't win the nomination and then the election. There are many of us that feel he would have been a much better President than anything either of the parties came up with. I am personally glad that Miss Palin is now derailed. There are, to some of us, indicators that she would have made a bad President. I loved listening to her but she just didn't make sense a lot of the time. We haven't had a really good folksy leader since "The buck stops here" Truman.




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