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1. National Health Care Plan
A. teach new parents how to bring up baby.
B. Written based upon a book written by his NHC advisor
C Attempted to have passed without study or input by the House

2. Proposal to allow him to take over the internet
A. only in what he deems is an emergency

3. He has proposed to install federal troops in each state.

4. Talking to school children and setting up learning plans.

5. On television frequently
A. Losing the networks advertising time.

6. Just like third world countries
A. has frequent press conferences
B. On Billboards
C. All the medias
i. Television
ii. Newspapers
iii. Magazines

7. Has been creating Czars to run our business and lives
A. The citizens have no voice in these "leaders" appointments

8. Giving away money just like Hitler did when he got into power.

9. Rumors that he may use the flu pandemic a reason for martial law.
A. There is a proposal that would give the police or Militia right to come
into peoples homes if not fully cooperating with Federal mandates on
flu shots.

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No. 1 read the NHC proposal regarding teaching parents (pages 438 - 450 I think. You can find it on Government printing office. Regarding the advisor look up who he is and then find out what his book on health care says.

no 2. S 773 Cybersecurity Act

no 3 just listen to his speaches. He mentioned this more than once. I don't think a formal proposal has been made.

no 4 current news. Why is he talking to the children? That is propaganda at its worst.

no 5. I guess it is a judgement call as to whether he has been on Telly a lot. But each time he does. the stations lose revenue when they cannot show advertisements. I can't verify but it has been reported that the networks ratings are starting to drop each time he gets on and the cable shows are picking up the dropouts. I believe it was Mark Steyn that presented that tib bit.

no 6 Do you deny his picture is on billboards, news & press conferences, front page news, covers and stories in magazines. Maybe it isn't all that bad now but worry if you start seeing billiboards with his picture and sayings like, "We are experiencing real hope and change with Obama.

no 7 every day news mention Czars. The blogs and articles by conservatives mention that there is no oversight on them, that they report only to the President.

no 8 have you heard about the stimulus checks for the people who report income. I and my wife each got one. I am fairly certain that there was a lot of reporting about money given to automotive manufacturers and to banks. I don't know for sure but I think I heard recently he was thinking about more stimulus money to the people. Oh and don't forget cash for clunkers money. When I was a very young lad I remember seeing pictures of German people pushing wheelbarrows full of cash going to the store to buy bread. It may have been propaganda but these news stories were at least 10 years after the war.

9. I saw a news story in the Toledo Blade - front page. From the World net Daily: Cops jump on swine-flu power: Shots heard 'round the world. Bill allows health authorities to enter homes, detain without warrant. Google Flu Police and you will find many, many articles on this. So if he can shut down the internet and he has federal cops in every state he can pretty much call a state of emergency and shut down all the local governments and probably the state governments. I think this is how Castro, Chavez and other leaders took control of their countries.
You knolw, I really don't think he is going to do all this. I am tired of his attitude that he is all knowing and everyone should accept everything he says and you don't need to take time to read the bills and if you dispute him you are not part of Team America. I thought Bush was bad. This man makes him look like a piker. He promised us transparency and now he says we don't need to worry about the details, just accept he is doing the right thing for us. (The last sentence is my interpretation of what he said and what he is doing.)
The difference is that Bush didn't have enough respect for the public to tell us what and why he did anything. Frankly it is refreshing to have the president giving a blow by blow account. Plus, give want he probably does not hell of a lot more than the average bear, so why is it the so many Americans would prefer a moron for president, are their egos so fragile that they have to always feel they are just as smart as everyone else?

Perhaps if we had had a president growing up who asked us to take some responsibility for our health, education and civic busy we would have so many insecure haters.
"Perhaps if we had had a president growing up who asked us to take some responsibility for our health, education and civic busy we would have so many insecure haters."

Makes a lot of sense. The government needs to start weening us off all the social programs and let it's citizenry have their constitution back.
No, actually it makes no sense at all because GL left out the 'not', though I do not believe you noticed all her typos; perhaps she is tired tonight, but she is making more sense than you are.

You are only interested in promoting your very odd views. Since when did it become propaganda for a president to address students in this country of free speech?
Thanks for having my back Chez
I see, kick out religion but it is okay for politicians to talk to the kiddies. According to today's news Obama is dropping the "for me" and "for your president" remarks,

"Blow by blow"? His stimulus package was so massive that the hoses didn't have the time to peruse the whole thing. There is no way that many if any of them had any idea what they were voting for. They did it because the President told them it was for the good of our country. He tried to do that with the NHC package but this time they put the brakes on and told him they need time to study the proposal and need to find out how their constituents feel about the package and what questions they would have.

What did she mean about Americans, " are their egos so fragile that they have to always feel they are just as smart as everyone else?" I think we Americans are just as smart as anyone else.

I am sorry that I don't make sense. Guess I'm just not as smart as she is. But I still think we need a President that would ask us to be responsible for health, education, and civic duty. Why she or you would feel otherwise makes no sense to me.
The government stole our money they damned well should take care of our health. It never should have started. I don't have a solution. I'm not smart enough for that. But stealing from a kid just starting out on his first job so that I may have health coverage is not right either.

Fortunately except for a couple of stents in my arteries I am doing okay. My wife on the other hand has Alzheimer's. I'm doing what I can to keep her out of the hands of some nursing home. It scares me that I may not succeed. Her mother and dad both died shortly entering into one. I worry that could happen to her. The think is, that decision could be taken out of my hands. She had a couple of unrelated accidents where I took her to the emergency room. The ER personnel seemed more concerned about having her checked by the area office on aging than they were about her care in ER. I definitely felt they thought I couldn't take care of her and thought she should be put in a home. I don't think they thought about the fact she is still an intelligent person and putting her in a home could be crushing and destroy what little life she has now. But government regulations make them responsible to report to them if there is a possibility she is being abused or not properly cared for.
When religion was kicked out it was not because it was being taught in school but because some lady didn't think that the kids had the right to pray in school. At least that is the way I heard it.
Have you ever read the Bible Mark. If so may I suggest that you go back and reread Matthew 6:5-6. Just to remind you it basically says public prayer is for hypocrits.
You might also read Supreme Court decisions on prayer in schools. No where does any of them say children cannot pray in school. Only that they can't be forced or put in a position where they feel pressured to pray. I was a teacher for 38 years and not a day passed that I did not see children pray.
You are probably right about the decision. But some of the court decisions later made it difficult for teachers. Public display of praying in school could be interpreted as making others uncomfortable.

So do you think public prayer is for hypocrites?




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