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Who are these people? Have you been to a HS reunion lately. Are all the attendees from some old people planet? What happened? Was there a collection for some HAIR charity about which I wasn't notified? Why is the congo the only dance performed? What is the proper way to hold on to someone's walker while doing the Congo?
When did suspenders become part of the "IN" attire? Why is your former sweetheart's Mother/Father there instead of your old flame? Were you the last one left standing at the after party party at the "MOOSE" club?

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I don't want to confront reality, so I stay away from those affairs. I did go to my 25th High School reunions, but we were only about 43 then. Since then, I've noticed that people perceive me to have a white beard, a gray ring of hair, a big gut and a lack of acute hearing.

Maybe I'd better get a new mirror, I just don't see that in my current one!
LMAO good one Richard. My 45th is next year, graduated in '65. I look forward to it. I attended my 40th and it was quite shocking to see some unrecognizable classmates. Thank God for creating nametags.
Larry have fun and don't wear the name tag
The nametags were too damn small. What were they thinking?

denial...anger...bargaining...depression...acceptance...hahahaha...making a life journey Chief?
I attended my 40th last year. It was back in the small town I grew up in SC. I actually had not seen these people in 40 long years. When I would go back. after visiting with my family, it would be time to head back home. I married immediately out of HS and moved out of state.(got the picture) I walked into a room of people that 90% had never left the rural area of SC except to visit a time or two. I was one of the three that had moved out of state. Most had lots of medical issues and financial problems. Overweight and under read. But I did enjoy the 2 days when I went back in time and talked about things I probable will never discuss again. They are in a time warp, but it is theirs and I wished them well.
Attended my 40th just a month ago! Yeah, who the hell are all these people??? Other than the two I've seen recently, I recognized a grand total of one person, without consulting name tags.
When I described it later, in talking about someone I met, I invariably referred to the person as a 'boy' or a 'girl'. I cannot think of these people as men and women.
I think the committee that put it together was comprised of boys and girls though. Someone my own age would understand that a DJ just makes it hard to hear the conversation, and that having it at night in a poorly lit function hall makes it hard to read the little name tags. And that we aren't there to dance, we are there to talk.
Neither of our two celebrities, Robin Williams and Pete Carroll, managed to make it. In case you were wondering.
The setting always seem to be as you describe, dim lights, loud music, hard chairs, a DJ that looks like a grandkid. I suspect that the orginizers think that all that will make them feel young again. Our orginizers had the good sense to arrange an informal diner the night before, and a open room at the high school during the day Sat. This wasn't really a High School Reunion just for our class. It was a celbration of the 100 year existance of the High School. The diner and room were for three classes. You think it's hard recognizing your class mates? Try recognizing people from fifty years ago that weren't in you class. I had one very(still) attractive female approach and ask; Do you remember me? I didn't have a clue. Turns out that she was in the class behind me. I had dated her a few times 4 years after high school During the three months after my return from the Urainium Boom and my joining the Army. Oh well, thats why we call them "Senior Moments". An excuse that covers many situations. (:>)
Hey Robbie, I just had that experience! At the reunion I talked with this 'girl' who's name I at least remembered, for quite a while. I couldn't remember anything more than that the name was familiar. We exchanged contact info. After a few emails she wrote, "Actually, we didn't know each other in high school - we knew each other in college and we went out a few times."
Email is perfect for that kind of thing. I could compose myself...
I have always enjoyed going to reunions. We had them every five years for a while then that petered out. The most recent one was a reunion of three classes and it was great fun. My best friends were there but I found myself gravitating to other people that I didn't know well back in school. I had a wonderful conversation with a 'husband' of a classmate. He was a minister and funny as all get out. I found out later that he died the next day. Very sobering. I'm glad I had stepped out of my comfort peeps and met someone new.
In August I went to another reunion. This was in a small Kansas town made up of people I would have graduated with if we hadn't moved. My two older sisters did graduate from there so we had a mini reunion for ourselves too. I reconnected with the Kansas folks on FB and they welcomed me like I had never left. Some of them I hadn't seen in 40 years! It didn't matter to any of them....just kind people.
We didn't do the conga but put away quite a few long necks.
I went to one...I graduated as one of a class of 10. Of these, the 2 who went out into the world and did things didn't show up. 3 were dead ( 1 risky behavior, 1 unfortunate lifestyle choices, and 1 cancer...they didn't come either). Of the remaining 5, 3 of them I never could stand. That hadn't changed appreciably. I see the one member I like occasinally (she lives a mile from my parent's house). We met at a resturaunt and had a rather boring dinner. I have never felt the need to repeat the experience. };->




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