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Kittycat received a clean bill of health from her doctor this afternoon. We're off to FL Friday via Bridgeville, PA and Raleigh NC and Charleston SC. After FL we're off to Dallas via Mobile , AL and Houston TX. Then we'll return home via Texarkana, TX and Dickson, TN. If you live along the way let us know, we'd love to meet you


I'll use this thread to post pics of our roadtrip.

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Have lots of fun, you two! I'm looking forward to the news reports and photos. You've done such a good job on your reporting up to now, I'm sure you'll keep your journalistic standards high!

Here's a passel of bear hugs - keep some and pass out the rest along the way for me, please!

I'll pass out the hugs for ya Chez.
Bridgeville, a suburb of Pittsburgh the center of the earth. We'll have coffee or breakfast with Goldilocks and George.
Yeh!! But you can't use the title "On the Road Again" Willie and I have copywrite on that. I'll tell you my Texakana story too.
The only one hearing me sing will be me. Kittycat has a portable dvd player with head phones.
Great news and have big fun! What a TRIP it will be. I live in NoCal, so I'll wait til you come out that way.
Thanks Westerly. See my earlier post about CA. :)
Love you Maria. I'm so glad to see you posting so soon after surgery. Your posting seems normal, like the drugs must have worn off already. Or......wait a minute.......NAH
No one told me Maria had surgery---I lose a computer for 10 days--and just look--no one keeps me up to date!!!
There's a thread in the Q&A blondie. I wondered where you were. You were greatly missed around here. Don't do that again!
Larry, if you passing by Mobile than may be you can stop by Pascagoula MS too or I can come to Mobile. Let us know when you will be here, I am sure Beth and Mel would love to meet you too...Just give us a little time before you get here....not like someone else who called the last minute to tell us he will be in Mobile...I am not saying who did that...
Hey Robbie, how are you? We did have snow this time, well almost did for whole 15 minutes....
PG, I did that just because I wated to be alone with you. Those other pesky women weren't there to bother us. (:>)




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