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Kittycat received a clean bill of health from her doctor this afternoon. We're off to FL Friday via Bridgeville, PA and Raleigh NC and Charleston SC. After FL we're off to Dallas via Mobile , AL and Houston TX. Then we'll return home via Texarkana, TX and Dickson, TN. If you live along the way let us know, we'd love to meet you


I'll use this thread to post pics of our roadtrip.

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Leaving all of this behind.

Hey, I know someone who lives in Dickson, TN. Think maybe one of you could give him a big squeeze for me?
I certainly will if he's not opposed to a man hug.
Looking forward to seeing Kittycat and even you Larry. Good motoring.
You guys have a GREAT Trip!!!! and Congrats. to KittyCat
lol. Me too PA

We been waiting on ya'll since August. August meeting of Aggie, Longhorns and everything Texas in Houston. Photo by Cowgirllu. Pru is getting hungry again.
WOO HOO!!! Both for KittyC's clean bill of health, and the opportunity to see friends again! Can't wait guys!
Be careful on the slick roads.
put the pedal to the metal and let it roll.
How much money do u folks got left for the rest of this vacation????
Good news, Kittycat!
Happy for your road trip. Unhappy it doesn't include anything of the Westerly persuasion....
I hope you both live it up and see bunches and bunches of friends.
Next time, caravan!




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