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Kittycat received a clean bill of health from her doctor this afternoon. We're off to FL Friday via Bridgeville, PA and Raleigh NC and Charleston SC. After FL we're off to Dallas via Mobile , AL and Houston TX. Then we'll return home via Texarkana, TX and Dickson, TN. If you live along the way let us know, we'd love to meet you


I'll use this thread to post pics of our roadtrip.

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We're not rude like Robbie Powergirl. We'll give you plenty of notice. We're hoping to spend time with Mel and Beth.
Larry, Robbie was not rude. He just wanted us to have some tet-a-tet time. And it was great, I have to admit. Mel and Beth know they missed it...
Have a fun time and try not to get caught this time.
lol sg. I think I know how to avoid those tolls now and not get caught. You can buy my book, "Never Pay Another Toll"
Sounds like a great trip. Keep us posted and we want pictures of you at every state line.

What we don't want is bragging about how warm it is. Got it? Good.
George and I are looking forward to seeing you and Kittycat on Friday, Larry!
OK, TeeBubba, WtF and I are now officially offended. What are we? Chopped Liver?
I feel so left out--just me and a snow storm.-----only strangers come my way---hissy fit two coming up 1 great lady---He gets to travel for several weeks while I work in the cold snow!!! so left out
Am off to pout w/1GL...sheesh. :-(
Me too goldilocks. I told George it might be a good idea to give us a call around 9:00 to make sure we're on the road. lol. It will be Kittycat's fault.
What a bunch of crybabies you girls are.




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