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She was able to change my opinion of her. She's obviously very bright. She answered all of Oprah's questions, directly and without hesitation.


She explained that her decision was a selfish one, she had 6 kids already. She was given 3 choices by the fertility clinic. she had to continue to pay storage on her fertilized embryos, implant the embryos, or have them destroyed. She felt that since she was a very energetic woman, she would have no problem raising one or two more children. Surprise surprise.


She admitted it was a mistake. She didn't think it through. She was shocked at the carnival like attention from the media. She had no intentions of becoming so popular. She said that she was missing something emotionally at the time of her decision, she was thinking with her heart and not her head.


It was easy to see that she was telling the truth. I believed every word she said. She admitted that when money ran out, she would use the media attention to raise more money, short of doing porn. She stopped food stamps and all state assistance. She's an honorable woman who made a mistake. Hind sight is 20/20



Ok ok! I need a life! I resorted to watching Oprah, just this once though.

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Wow! Maybe you needed a drink to see more clearly. That woman makes my blood boil. I only feel for those poor children.
lol. You obviously didn't watch it. Or maybe you believe every thing the media suggests.
No I didn't watch and I never believe everything the media feeds me but I do know that her choices have and will impact those children for a very long time. Foolish and selfish at the very least.
Yep, that's what she said.
I know very little about this subject. Why would I care? To me, having 8 kids at this time in the history of humanity is a big mistake. However, in the grand scheme of things probably isn't worth taking notice. Larry, you're watching Opra? You need to do more work on your motorcycle.
From the horse's mouth.
Maybe you should go back to work..............

Who's Oprah?




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