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It is a complicated case, but the basic facts are that a Mother of two boys and the stepfather like to go nude in the home. It disturbs the 13 and 11 year old boys who complained to their (real) father and he called the cops. Indecent exposure laws in Arizona where this occurred involves "reckless" behavior that offends and is a felony if the victims are 14 or younger.

Is this just another example of our society's paranoia about sex and children or is there something to worry about here? What do you think?


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I agree Pru, children should be made to feel safe and secure in their surroundings. But it was stated the "sightings" were accidental. So it seems to me the adults were aware of the situation, and trying, (just not quite succeding) in keeping their lifestyle under wraps. Now, the article didn't say how many times the children were exposed to this, or do I mean the adults were exposed?? Anyway, if this only happened a couple of times, I see no problem. If it happened more frequently, then it is a totally different situation.
I agree with Pru and TBub. I don't even have anything to add, not even a smart-assed remark. I'm losing my touch.
Sounds to me like parential custody is the main question here, not nudety. And we are talking about Arizona.
Let me see if I can stir this up a bit.

It is indeed important for children to feel comfortable in the home, I agree, however, what if part of the parenting that the adults wanted to do was to try and get their children to be more open minded about nudity. (I admit that teenage years are a bit late to be starting such a campaign and this is not the case here, but just for the sake of the discussion let's talk about hypotheticals).

Do parents have a right to be nude in their own home? Nudity is not a crime. Public indecency is. The home is private. Parents have the right to make children eat spinach, do chores and go to Sunday school even if it makes them uncomfortable. Is nudity sexual ? Is it different than eating spinach? (personally I'd rather deal with nudity than spinach!)
Hi Pru, Again I agree with everything you said. (But, there is always a butt) We are assuming alot of things here. Yes, the children are 11, and 13 now, BUTT the article I read, didn't specify when the "sightings" began. Is this something that they have seen a couple times over the last 10 years? Is this something they have been exposed to 20, 30 40, times in the last 10 years? Is it something that they see weekly? Is it somethiong they have been exposed to twice in their life times. I don't know.
Oh, and I totally agree with the spinach thing. I can eat spinach, but don't really like it, nudity...

OK yes, I am playing devils advocate here. I am seriously againt children being anything but safe and secure in their home, and the way they are raised. Mainly, because I was raised in the middle of a, what is the word I am lookiong for, disaster?? I am just trying to point out that there are a lot of missing pieces to this particular puzzle. If this is truly a frequent situation for these children, then the adults need to adjust their behavior BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!

Eeew Topless! Is that decent?
I don't think parents should go there with the nudity thing. Nudity has been sexual to me since puberty. When the kids start school they will be outcasts, they'll probably be bullied too.
That's some kind of sick behavior but I don't know what kind.
Darroll, That's my point. I don't think being nude is sick behavior. Why are our bodies something that are bad or necessarily sexual? If we reared people with more nudity, then it wouldn't become so sexual later in life. After all we are all born naked.
Nudity in many countries is quite acceptable behavior. For some strange reason, considering how cold it is up north, the Scandinavians look upon it quite benevolently. I suppose perhaps when it finally does warm up they want to profit to the max. ;-D

Americans in general are often looked upon as prudish and puritanical by outsiders because of their lack of tolerance and understanding of such behavior.

But there are many Americans who do practice nudism, and consider it a healthy and natural lifestyle. There are many unknowns in this particular equation, but to my mind nudity within the privacy of the home does not constitute abuse in itself. Much depends on how it is handled, if the children understand and feel comfortable with it.

Lack of respect for the desires of the children, however is not conducive to a good family relationship. The pre-teen years are a touchy time, when children become aware of their bodies, and also may wish to conform to the norms of their peers. It's hard to be different at that time of life.
I think it's just another example of selfish and irresponsible behaviour. What two adults do in the privacy of themselves is one thing. What they do in front of young children is another. To whom and what point do they feel it necessary to make ? That our bodies are nothing to be ashamed of ? One need not walk around naked in front of an 11 and 13 yr. old on the cusp of puberty to make their case. Otherwise, how could this mother and stepdad have any objection to their two boys watching a movie naked with little Suzie and Sara from two doors down ?




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