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Name one good deed or act you did today.

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I helped my neighbor buy her groceries and then helped carry them in! Then, I watched the twins while she went to the Dr's. She is still recovering from her surgery!
I'm with you B A F, I bit my tongue more than once today instead of hurting some feelings.
I haven't maimed anyone in the last twenty four hours.
I treated my brother to pizza.
I took the credit blame for a fart when I could have glared accusingly at my friend's four-year old son.
Dallas Dallas Dallas. You never take the blame when there is a four-year old around. You broke the man code.
I followed Happy around and picked up his poop. OK, OK, I have to do that, or get kicked out of the RV park.
Oh! I offered to share my popcorn with Pru. She didn't take me up on the offer though.
ROBBIE....Pru only prefers Kettle Korn Popcorn. She doesn't do generic. LoL
Went to a Trivia Nite fundraiser tonight. Not to brag or anything, but my table kicked ass and took names. A Perfect Score; Didn't miss ONE question all night. 200+ questions, and we not only nailed them all, but we even figured out what the "Mystery Clues" were for an additional five of the 105 possible points.

(Maybe it was a tad unfairly tipped in our direction - The topic for the entire night was "Classic & Top 40 Rock", and we were a table full of DJ's.)

It was a fundraiser for Youth Soccer, so there wasn't really anything on the line. And our Good Deed for the night? We raised almost $2000, AND we didn't stand up at the end and preen and gloat over our perfect score, like we could have.
Good Job.
"...we didn't stand up at the end and preen and gloat over our perfect score, like we could have..."

I'm not surprised: DJs seldom stand.

Well done anyway! ☺




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