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Name one good deed or act you did today.

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Hey, Come on, for Larry, I thought that was pretty good. i kinda expected him to trip the ol' guy and make and grab the ol' ladies butt. (he;s been known to do that kinda stuff)
LOL. Seriously, the old man had his cane leaning against the car by his gas tank. I could have tripped him easily.
I was polite and gentlemanly with some people who deserved to have their eyeballs gouged out.
That's going beyond the call of duty Snagg.
I bumped nancy off the front page.
I called her comrade, I'm sure she'll appreciate my sentiments.
I'd tell you what I think of her, but don't want to get vulgar.
I didn't show any reaction when entering the doctor's office. I went in to collect an excuse note for being absent from work today (bad case of allergies-hay fever) but when I stepped through the door of the waiting room, I saw a patient sprawled on the floor unconscious with the doctor hovering over. He knew I was coming in for the note, but decided to examine me then and there while the ambulance arrived to collect his other patient.
I helped a lady at the grocery store parking lot that fell down. She was not hurt, but was very embarrassed.
Maricel, this reminds me of a time we went to the nursing home to visit my uncle. He was in the alzheimers unit and wasn't in his room. We went to the nurses station and was told that he was down the hall in the social room. As we started to head that way, I saw a patient lying on the floor next to his wheelchair reaching out and calling for help. I said to 3 or 4 nurses at the station: "OMG a man fell". lol. All 3 peeked around the corner and said, oh, that's Robert, he always does that, just ignore him. Do you know how hard it is to walk past an elderly man on the floor pleading up at you for help?
My Mother-in-law had alzheimers. We spwnt a lot of time with her. You see some really weird stuff in those units.
Do you know how hard it is to walk past an elderly man on the floor pleading up at you for help? larry kremis

I don't know if I could just walk pass him especially if he is lucid.




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