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My Potatoes are fighting!!! Heeellp! Who do I call??!

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You have a Frigidaire?
Yes. Is that significant? Will that help quell the potato invasion?!?
btw, does "Frigidaire" seem like an odd name for a stove to anyone else, or is that just me?
*It's not just you*
I have a washer and dryer by the same name and yes it sounds odd to me.
It looks like you should make French Fries out of them.
Plant them, luvbug. They will reproduce and bring you hours of delight. MS
Brian, I think they are feeling blue. Emo potatoes can be dangerous for themselves as well as others, so keep all peelers and knives out of reach.

Jackie has a point about planting the scary little critters. Their biological clock appears to be ticking.
Actually, they weren't rooting for anyone, as Mother Sanity has pointed out. I should give them that opportunity.
Maybe they just got the news that Bolivia didn't make it - news doesn't travel fast in the potato world. It's their ancestral homeland.
Not all vegetables are aggressive...

"Make love, not sports!"
"Were they rooting for Germany?"

Excellent, Ags!
What - you think they'd be any happier if I'd boiled and eaten them? I consider it benign neglect.
Uh-oh. Or are these just the precursors of something far more terribler? I shudder to think!




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