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How do you feel about getting multiple replies to a multiple mailing you didn't send? Let's get together and work out how to handle this new feature.

I really don't like the 'twitter' aspect of it. I am getting an inbox full of stuff that has nothing to do with me. Even though it may be mildly interesting to know who washed their car this weekend, it is really not my business. I didn't ask. I can get along fine without knowing that.

If I should send out a group mailing to announce that I've cut my hair or to invite you to a virtual party, I shall request that you reply only to me.

How about you?

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You have hit the nail on the head Chez, shall I email all my friends about it so they can reply all to all their friend and so on and so on.
I like you and Wendylyn am spending to much time deleting messages from people I don't know.
Thank you! I was trying to under understand what was going on!!!!
I was trying to do the same thing, i just could'nt figure it out! but since reading this i now understand.
I don't like it either.
Pluh-eeezzeee, only "reply" not "reply all" is my choice.
I agree.

First of all, I unchecked everything in the email option here. Didn't stop me from getting notes in my email that I have to sort through to find my real mail.

I believe someone needs to change something in the programming in order for us to stop getting emails about everything here on TBD. Maybe we need to send a note to Robin Wolaner, or click on Report an Issue at the bottom of the page.

This is a problem on email too. I get reply to all messages from people I don't even know, and then I am put in their address book for them to send me more emails I don't want.
For the life of me I don't understand how or why I get all these replies from people not on my 'friends' list. It seems like even the "reply all" button ought to limit itself to persons on you 'friends' list. Oh well...something to add to the plethoria of things I don't understand here. I just hope I havn't been accidentally spamming people...if I do, I assure you it was quite unintentional...};->
I have mixed emotions about this. In the beginning with not so many on friends lists it was cool but with so many peeps here now I can see how it could get out of hand. I figure if someone is a friend of a friend there is probably something I will enjoy talking with them about and have gotten to know some I wouldn't have otherwise. I believe this is a case of self moderating. I never used the feature at TBD and was there a year and a half; even in my group I only sent a message with the new address here. I responded to a couple in the beginning at ning but now I just respond to the person who sent the message. If we can all do that as we learn this site I don't think it will be a problem. For the really great news I still expect a group mailing though, and glad to see it. I believe the main problem is with how peeps respond and we can easily moderate that ourselves by replying to sender only. Thanks ~ Golanv
I have no idea what I'm doing much less how to handle any of it.....sheesh!
Totally agree. Although its pretty easy to select and delete I really don't want to face 50 or 100 emails every time I log in. Unless they're from hot woman from Nigeria (WendyLynn)
I wonder if it might not be a good idea to attempt to list stuff you just don't do so those features that can become really a pain can be avoided. Remember, Kat's boots are now some very well worn in moccasins. It's up to us to make this what we want it to be.
Hey, SG, do we need to write 'Miss TBD Manners'?




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