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OK, I got a coupon for JC Penny in the mail. 10 bucks off if you spend at least 10 bucks. Good deal. I fiqured I could use some new underwear. So went to Penny's, spent about 43 seconds perusing the goods, and picked up a pack of underwear. What caught my eye, was not only were they in "Fashion Colors", but they featured a "Comfort Support Puuch". Sounded good to me. Got them home, ripped open the pack, and to my utter surprise, yes, they have a comfort support pouch all right, but THERE IS NO FLY!! Now what am I supposed to do when I have to pee? Drop pants and underwear to my ankles? THAT"S gonna go over big at the restroom at the Wal Mart. Am I just supposed to pull the front down and hook em under the package? Or am I now required to sit to pee because of my man panties? (OH, that comfort support pouch is realllly comfortable)

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LOL, even as a kid I never used the fly, it was all hook and ladder and put the fire out. :-) This is pretty funny TeeBub!
Hook and ladder, put out the fire!!!Thanks J lee for putting my situation in a new perspective!
I can relate to the hook, and putting out the fire, my problem is that the ladder is just short of reaching the second floor.
J Lee and Tbub, that was funny stuff. Never heard of the hook and ladder technique.
This all just too much for me....I raised two sons....they wore what I bought them..What the heck do I know about men's undergarments? Did the pouch type and they seem to like them just fine...whether or not they have an opening...Dunno and don't want to. What one does in the privacy of the loo is one's own business. Hey...ever wonder how women do 'it' in a one piece bathing suit??? Took me forever to learn that one!!!

Yeah, my sons wore what I bought them for awhile, then when they got a little older they made their preferences known - boxers! And no "talking boxers" either.

Apparantly, boxers without a button on the fly sometimes gap and "talk". Who knew?!
Is that the order in which you do it? I never can get that right.
My ex was so disorganized I think she wiped before she peed.......hmmmm.....maybe I should drop her a note to remind her......peeee...then wipe.

as to man panties.......don't need 'em!

Oh, gotta love a Scotsman in a kilt! :-)

(Good to see you again too Hu!)
Well Calli, I guess my briefs are mute!!!
The other Jay Lee, Do tell. Inquiring minds want to know.
I need a drink...it's going to be a long day.... ;-P




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