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Betty White is hot again. The other night I couldn't sleep and imagined her in a situation where she was dealing with a total jerk. Betty White looks up at this looser/ bully type and batts her lashes and says very sweetly;


"It's not your fault that you're an asshole. God just made you that way!" 


AH the epitamy of sincerity strikes again!


Am I the only one who can get a visual on this?????????????

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I can see her doing that. She's a peach.
I can get a visual of her looking UP at them and calling them out! She is an amazing woman!
I love her! She was great on Boston Legal recently too.
I missed that one, she must have been a riot!
you know on the superbowl commercial, she gets knocked down in the mud and goes "That's not what your girlfriend said!" And then someone gives her a snicker's bar and she turns back into a guy. .............
LOL This is good to know!!!
Betty White can always put a smile on my face...She's great!!!




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