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TBDers, KenWritez (Ken Jessup), passed away two weeks ago. Some of us just learned on Facebook and have already missed his memorial service. His last Facebook post was October 27 about what he thought was a stomach virus, and by the 31st he had died. Those of us who knew Ken as a decent, smart, funny, talented guy are mourning his loss.

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Thank You Robin
It always comes as a shock when someone as talented and well liked as Ken is taken from the rest of us. He was one of the tbd posters that I always looked forward to reading. He will be missed very much. Thank you Robin for letting us know.
That's so sad. I can hardly believe it. He was such a big part of the TBD experience for me when I first got on the group.
Thank you for sharing the news, Robin. Ken was a really decent man, and will be missed.
OH NO! Ken was a great person, I am terribly sorry to hear such sad news.
Thank you Robin for letting us know. Ken will be missed. And I guess I will always just have to wonder why he included rutabagas in his tags.
My sympathies to his family. Thank you Robin for letting us all know.
I'm just so shocked and sad. It seems so recently I was joshing with him on the old TBD about his "knife of Kindness." What a loss! Thank you, Robin.
Rest in peace Ken,
you will be missed.
Thank you Robin.

This is sad news indeed. Yes, he will be missed, but never forgotten by those of us who were encouraged, cheered and blessed by his kind words, ready wit, and keen intellect. He was my favourite word-smith here on TBD - I could go to him privately with a syntax quandary and he would sort me with great tenderness.

God speed Ken. God speed and travel well.

Two years later I stumbled across this post, so I googled Ken and found his blog:


We live forever via the internet.




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