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Why is it important to the American people whether or not John Edwards had/has a mistress?

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I really think it is of no importance but I guess I am in he minority.
Dirt sells.
Because every once in awhile, the American public needs a wakeup call about how gullible they are.

This lying weasel was this close to becoming President of the United States or, almost as bad, a cabinet member. He made his millions extorting money from corporations (and from consumers who bought their products) by pedalling junk science in the courtroom, he shamelessly paraded his "six-months-to-live" wife before the public, he lied about having an affair, and he lied about fathering a child. The man has proved to be a lying scumbag and there are still folks who think he's god. It would tickle me immensely if he marries this bimbo and she takes him to the cleaners.

It's good that it happens because it serves as a reminder to these sleasebags that they are not above the law and it should serve as a warning to the public not to believe 90% of what their leaders say.
beauifully said---but---I think Elizabeth will do the cleaning job---
John Edwards is a SLUG!!!
What do you think of Rush, Newt, McCain and many other conservative polititions who have participated in similar conduct?

I think this discussion should be taken to one of the political threads where it will not be usurping an area that is usually political argument free.
Yabol, Capitan!!
I think it matters because it does show that he has the same character flaw that most Americans have. That is lying about sex. As far as the corporations go, The people running most, not all, of them are a lot bigger sleeze bags than John Edwards. We need to rethink how we goven corporations. First; the general public has no idea how Corporations work. The general public thinks the share holders have some say in how they function when in truth, the rank and file common share holders do not. Over the years many if not most of our corporations have evolved to the point where the CEO,COO, and CFO own enough stock to allow them to determine who is on the Board of Directors. This gives them total control of the Corp. They are in it for one reason only. To fill their pockets. As a general rule, they do not give a flying fig about the other share holders, the employees, or the United States as a country. There are of course exceptions such as Warren Buffett. But, we need to change the law that gives Corporations the same right as individuals. Then we need to make it a law that the persons managing the corporations can not own voting stock. In effect what the current set up does is allow the managers to grade themselves. Thats why you hear about large bonuses being handed out to managers of companies that are losing money. The whole thing is rotton to the core.
Nick, can you explain that a little further. How was he "extorting money from corporations and from the cosumers who bought their products?" I really don't understand what he did.
Wow! is it in Q & A also. I better hurry over there.(:>)
There is a double standard out there.
When Packwood (republican) kissed one of his staff they made him resign.
When a democrat has sex with someone, it becomes no one’s business.
It’s like the old song , "you ought-to see what they do", this fits politicians to a tee.
"He's A Whore"




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