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I'll be away from my 'puter for a few days while I head on up to Sault Ste Marie (thats "The Soo" to the uninformed), Michigan.

Play nice while I'm away!

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You have a good time too! In lieu of a souvenir, could I just have the money? LOL!
Gary and Felicia. It's a tbd rule, you must avail yourself to a puter at least once each day while you're gone. Did you forget? It's the 21st century for crying out loud, you can find a puter somewhere. SHEESH

UH OH, oh no, you 2 aren't.........nah..........are you?
Sorry Lar...Felicia has more sense than that! LOL!
I think you mean geographics, Fifi!
And at this juncture, I'd like to emphatically deny ever chasing Felicia around her apartment in YoVille, and further I'd like to go on record stating that my behavior had nothing to do with her moving away from YoVille.
Have fun, you two! Check in when you can... from your respective locations...
yer more or less a'beggin fer bein eatin by a sasquatch critter livin up yonder thar
Aw nuts....I don't have any of those new fangled credentials to leave the U.S. or to get back into the U.S., or whatever they are. Could you reverse the route and meet me in the U.S. Soo instead? LOL!
I thought that was only open to the ladies of TBD. Otherwise, I would have been there....you know that, doncha, ladies?
Have a great time both of you. We'll miss you but we'll also be looking forward to those souvenirs!! lol
OK, I'm out the door now!
Gary, for gods sake what are you going up there for? I have a sister in law that my brother picked up there when he was in the airforce. She is nasty ugly. Please stay away from the ladies. They drink too much and they are very lonely. I have known these folks for many years, and its damn cold up there.




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