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Ok! So maybe I did. I couldn't really enjoy it, because in all virtuality, it came from Robbie and TBub.

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Ok Chez, ya got me. I didn't put the comma between grope, and Darrol. lol

You have a keen eye!
Darn, I go visit WtF and get accused of groping Pru? It couldn't have been me. Tell em Wanda.
Robbie, Larry knows he's guilty. He's just trying to spread the blame around. But we have both met him, and it is easy to tell that he is a natural born groper. Not only natual born groper, but I think he went to groper school and passed at the head of the class. Somebody grabbed my butt when you guys were all here, and I assumed it was KittyC, but now am beginning to think it was Larry. Geez, and they call ME a sick puppy!!
Did not!

Kittycat? Whacha got to say for yourself?
Lucky you! Too bad for her......:-(
Are you the official "tickle-monster" and which 5 guys then piled on you?
Westerly? Don't listen to Chez, you should know better by now. Plus, I just skipped over my 50th birthday, didn't happen. I was 49 twice.
**** Sigh ****
HAHAHAHA. At what point did you lose control Bull. It's Robbie's and TBub's fault.
Sounds subjective, like I always suspect... I'm certain we need a group of gropes to test the grapes.

grope (grp)
v. groped, grop·ing, gropes
1. To reach about uncertainly; feel one's way: groped for the telephone.
2. To search blindly or uncertainly: grope for an answer.
1. To make (one's way) by reaching about uncertainly.
2. Slang To handle or fondle for sexual pleasure............. uh oh..........
The act or an instance of groping
Number one! My cell phone rang.




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