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Maybe I should post this in the love column.. Do you think that people who are extra attractive don't take the havoc that they can wreak in another's life seriously enough? Are they more likely to be treated as possessions then people? I know when I was younger, I was really sick of getting hit on. And I still don't think I'm all that attractive. It was like someone was always trying to tackle me so I couldn't acheive my goals. Or someone liked the way I looked but everything else had to go. They wanted to amputate parts of me to suit thier own psycotic needs.



I had a boyfriend for a few short monthes once who was physically very attractive oy, but I got rid of him the second he started backing me into walls and raising his hands to me. Actually , I punched him in the nose and kicked him in the nuts before I realized what I was doing. Then I changed my locks and phone number.


I have four kids and two of them are extra good looking. A young woman and a young man. The young man went through the ugly duckling overweight and lots of pimples thing but now he's driving women crazy.She was told she could model underwear when she went into Victoria's Secret. I sent her to live with her Dad cause trying to keep grown men away from her was like me guarding Fort Knox with a rubber band and a paper clip. Now I just sent the son a letter about how he referred to women in one of his posts. I'm not at my witt's end with this but what are your thoughts?

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So true!

I fear that our media plays into the "beauty" thing more than it ever has...people who are famous for nothing more than being beautiful.

And, I fear that part of our society that promotes "style over substance" :(

Always valid point. That's very Confuscian. Famous (pretty ) people don't really intrique me very much , they're hard to pay attention to. Except maybe Robert DiNiro.
Physical beauty is associated with goodness while ugliness is associated with evil. I learned that from studying the witches in The Wizard Of Oz.

See what I'm wondering is if I'm always going to be stuck in the rumble seat as prospective suitors court my kids. Whatever happened to sucking up to the Mom in law to be, HEY. I'm some sort of percieved threat to some of them.



I'm distracted and perhaps temporarily insane, I blame it on the printer that printed well over 40 pages of sheet music for my Victorian fan Christmas ornaments for my first grandchild's Christmas. .................. . . . . . . .A little red headed girl with big blue eyes.    .      .     .      .     . Let's just say this is going to be interesting. Her mom was sort of egged on to being somewhat difficult, well ya know when your 14 yr old is jumping out the window at 4am cause the boys on the street want to hang out. And they're telling her that her mom is a terrible person for wanting her to stay in on a school night and study. Have I fleshed out the situation for you ? I sent her to live with her father. Let him guard Fort Knox.


My daughter is 21 now and the grandchild just turned one years old and all of a sudden she has a new found respect for Mom...LOL . yeah, kinda thought that might happen.

DD, I've seen that twinkle in your eye, and... I think I also the got full blast love lite when we met. Well, to me it FELT like the full love blast!, and I'll never forget it!!!!

I guess that is why I do not have a K.
Couldn't have said it better.
Its both.




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