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Think I'll go over to the "We the People" Group and see if I can stir up some excitement. If I'm not back by 10pm send Pru or Quinn, Larry, Snagg Or TeeBubba after me.

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You are a brave man Robbie. God speed
Q: What is the difference between The 'We The People' Group and The Boys Scouts of America?
A: The Boys Scouts have adult supervision.
You think I'm gonna come and save you??

WtF made a run in her sub last night and brought me out.

I would SO love to have a submarine like that!!
Did you wash her dishes?
If that bungie cord breaks, you aiin't coming back! Say, look at all the knots in that bungie cord. Looks like it's been broken several times already.
I was bored out of my skull last night. I'm not in chat at night any more, and I'd read and re-read the posts on TBD, Facebook, another site.
Robbie, when I was bored my mom used to tell me. There are dishes in the sick that need to be washed. Go wash then and you will be out of it in no time. I used to be out of my boredom just hearing her offer, but it was too late by then...
Wow, Robbie! You better take Cheri up on that offer! You lucky dog. I never get offers like that. And from Cheri, no less...sigh. And Cheri is right, Robbie - you would never be bored!!
Wait a minute. I'm the Bored Bore Boring Expert, Gang-of-Gangs.
What is going on? Bore with me, babes and babbettes...
OOPS, I beg your forgivness oh great queen of boredom. I must have been so bored that I couldn't think straight. The next time I venture into "We the People" I will ask you to proceed me.




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