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At the risk of being lambasted, I am starting a thread based on something CraigD said in the horses thread.

Illegal aliens are alive and well and taking our jobs. True story: My son worked as a cook at a restaurant right on the St. Clair River, right in view of Ontario. Right across the street an apartment complex was being put up.

One day an interesting car stopped to have lunch at the Pilot House. The swarm of workers that jumped in their trucks and sped away from the building project was unbelievable. The car that stopped? Border Patrol. And they only wanted lunch, not aliens. And THEN, the American contractor for the job went into the restaurant and complained to the bartender because all his staff left early that day.

I am on public assistance from the State of Michigan. I worked for it. I earned it. When I call in, the first thing I hear is "Si usted habla español pulse 1" then I hear "If you speak English, press 1" We aren't even first!

And dammit, if you speak Spanish and need free public assistance, learn English. And if you haven't been here long enough to learn English, then you haven't been here long enough to earn public assistance.

I worked as a teacher in an Hispanic-run adult education school. They did wonderful things. But one that was not wonderful: I was called to the front desk. There was a man who could barely speak English, and didn't understand a math problem he had to do to apply for a job. The Spanish receptionist asked if I would do the problem for him. I said no. I'm sorry, I've lost jobs by answering a question wrong. He can too. Or go back to Mexico or Puerto Rico or South America, learn our language, and then come back to earn our money. Or take a class here, after you have become a citizen, and then you can take my math class and learn how to do the fricken problems yourself.

There will be more rants, but for now I am ranted out. Now it is your turn. Either way.

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To make it short, I respect a lot of the Hispanic workers simply because they are not afraid to work. I don't like the illegal alien status. I had one Hispanic on one job ask me if it bothered me that they were there and I told him I have no problem with it as long as you are here legally.
We wouldn’t need illegal aliens if our kids got off their skateboards.
Throw away their drug pipes and get a work ethic.
Almost all the entry level jobs are going to the Mexicans.
If it keeps going like this, this country will become northern Mexico.
Felicia and Trr,
I deleted my previous post.
We lived in a small town and drugs were in the in crowd.
I was not generalizing, I know firsthand.
It’s kind of hard to say anymore.
I don’t do drugs and never did.
Just to say my neighbors son turned 16 and his father bought him a pound of pot for his birthday.
Yes he already had a pipe.
My kids do have a work ethic and never had a skate board.
If they are on TBD, they can fess up..
I knew those skate boarders were up to no good...........
Illegal aliens are nothing more than modren day slaves.and as long as so called do gooders encourage this,it will contitune to go on.
I read everything that has been written in this thread and no one has mentioned the real problem. If you don't want illegals then punish the employers that hire them. I am talking big, really big fines and maybe jail time. If there are no jobs there will be no illegals.
In the history of this country we have always had people coming in and willing to do the dirty work. Some were forced like the black slaves others like the Irish and Chinese came of their own accord but we have always had them. Many of you who are complaining probably have illegals in your ancestory.
Agreed. I recently saw "Food, Inc." Aside from learning more about the horrifying and revolting practices of big agriculture and big food was the upsetting revelation of how these industries use illegal workers because it's so much cheaper to do so. These workers get no benefits, are afraid to complain about job safety, get no help when they are injured on the job, etc. The film had a sequence wherein the feds were arresting all these immigrants who have worked at these jobs (that no American will do) for 15+ years. No penalties for the businesses - only deportation for the workers. It was jaw-dropping and sad.

And I really don't believe that these people are taking jobs away from Americans - unless jobless Americans are ready to work in meat processing plants gutting animals and cleaning the s**t out of the meat before it gets to our dinner tables.
I recently saw an unemployed bank executive on some news/talk show complaining that the stimulus bill did not supply any white colar jobs. Which is ridiculus for two reasons. One it does, somebody has to be in management with all these bridges and highways that are being built as well as all the other things that are being done. Two did he think a banking job should be created for him so he could drive the economy into the ground again. I really don't think he would take the jobs urbangal is talking about.
I doubt that.
Also interesting was a program called "Inside the FBI" that showed a few things going on in towns along the US/Mexican border. Primarily a discovery of what they believe are about 300 bodies in caustic chemicals in oil drums and other large containers. The program also featured a large round up of Mexican Mafia members in San Diego.
Closer to home, I called Greyhound the other day and the woman who was very pleasant spoke horrible English. I know for a fact that larger companies hire illegals as long as their own butts are covered cause their paperwork is realistic enough that they can claim that they were unaware.




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