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This weekend I attended brunch with some friends and family. And the subject of male urination habits came up. The women were all in agreement that men should sit to pee. I viewed this as another attempt at the pussification of the American male...and decided to take up the banner for my gender.

I made the usual arguments. I stated that even if we sit...when we are finished we still have to milk it and give it a shake to clear the last ounce from the urethra. And that a little dab with a fistful of TP will not do the job. I told them of the problems of getting older...and the "hang lows" tea bagging the toilet water. I told them that my aim was so good that I could piss through a doughnut hole at 10 paces...and still be able to eat the doughnut. But I was met with doubt.

And then my own brother admitted he sat to pee. I say pee because that's what you do when you sit. When you stand...you piss... like a man. So anyway....my own brother said he sat to piddle! He went on to give some girly man excuse that I didn't pay any attention to...as I was still trying to absorb his most recent admission.

So now "She who must be obeyed" insists that I sit to pee. So to avoid her wrath ...I have a plan. Now I piss in the sink. I'm no sitzpinkler!

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The women all agreed we should sit , what the hell is it to them what we do and how the hell would they know anyway , I don't get it .
They can sit , I'm peeing up against poles like I've always done thanks very much , standing , nah I 'll just keep standing.
I've missed this place.
Don't be silly. How stupid would we look in a Men's Room sitting on a urinal. : )

Why should we sit to pee when we don't have to? I think women just want us to sit so we don't leave the seat up. Ladies, how about just looking before you sit. Take responsibility for yourself not sitting in the bowl of cold water. After all, we don't pester you to leave the seat up.
Yep...that's the way I see it.
Only limp wristed gimp she-males sit to pee...

As long as I'm alive and able to get it up - I'm standing. Trees, bushes, car tires and fire hydrants are fair game... :-)

very carefully I would guess....?!!!?
How does he tinkle? I'm guessing with his winkie.....probably doesn't shake it either...just dabs it with a bit of TP. But I was afraid to ask.....because I've learned to never ask a question I don't want to know the answer to. OOOOOhhhhh the family honor...mia culpa, mia culpa.

Chez, that's just too freakin' hilarious!!! Thank you for the chuckle!!!
That's such a classic I had to save it.

Where do you guys get all these brilliant subject pics ?

Vedy nice
This weekend I also attended brunch with friends. This topic never came up. Do I need different friends? Nah, I'll stick with the ones I got.
I'd say so...




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