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Why would you want to live anywhere else? You Yankees just don't know what you are missing.

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If you have never been a juke joint, in the deep South, you don't know what you are missing.

Junior, has a good list here.

Because Momma taught you to always tell the truth.

Two geniuses from Tennessee became leading candidates for anyone's Dumb and Dumber Award when Port Authority cops, noticing their 1994 Acura Integra's tinted windows and missing license plate, pulled them over on the Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel -- and were shocked to hear them start confessing to crime after crime.

The trouble for the two "good ol' country boys," as one officer described them, began when a cop asked driver Donald Martin West II for his license.

For some reason, West, 41, volunteered a Tennessee gun permit, a PA source said, prompting the officer to ask why.

West -- who apparently didn't know you can't tote a firearm around New York City as if you were Jed Clampett -- told the officer: "I got a gun on me." and cheerfully added, "In the small of my back."When the officer asked West if he had anything else on him, his sheer stupidity got him in deeper.

"Yes," he said in the spirit of full cooperation. "There's a bag of weed and some pipes."

This made even the cops laugh. "It was so funny -- he freely admitted it," the source said.

West couldn't stop. He allegedly admitted he also had handcuffs, hollow-point bullets and an extra gun magazine.

Passenger Tory Davis, 23, had yet to be heard from.

Asked whether he, too, had anything to admit, Davis pointed to the ashtray and said, "There's two blunts in the ashtray," the source said.
We love our crazy politicians in the south. God bless 'em.
I bet he regrets doing this.

My Easter dinner at Momma n 'ems.

Leg of lamb
standing rib roast
mashed taters
deviled eggs
green beans
English peas
creamed corn
sweet tea

and that's what I like about the South
My hometown makes the big time.
Birmingham, AL and more specifically Jefferson County made it to the big time with an article in Rolling Stone magazine.


Believe me , alot of Yankees head South for the winter cause we know exactly what we'll be missing!!!!!!
and candied yams...always candied yams.




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