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I hear them whisper ''here she goes, she's off with the faeries again"

Hullo there all you would be-if you could be faeries, pixies, gnomes, goblins and elves,
that like to stay and play a while in our wonderful fantasy realm, where, just like children,
we don't need any excuses to join in and simply enjoy re-visiting our childhood days.

I understand that it does us a great deal of good to take a break from our on-going
busy lives and set aside a little time to `get in touch with our inner child',
for this is where we are able to access our Alpha mind state again,
just as we used to daily, up 'til we started growing out of it around the age of ten.

My friend Tina Volk has kindly agreed to assist me with content here,
in a very similar way we did in a Discussion called `Our Get-A-Way Gazebo'
that can be found in Mary Snowden's Group called `Spirituality and Consciousness'
here on TBD.

I heartily encourage folk who would like to join in and post their pictures, comments
and/or replies when they are happy to, and above all to have fun and simply ENJOY!

Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery hand in hand,
For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.
~William Butler Yeats, "The Stolen Child"

This is a work of fiction. All the characters in it, human and otherwise, are imaginary, excepting only certain of the fairy folk, whom it might be unwise to offend by casting doubts on their existence. Or lack thereof. ~Neil Gaiman

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aaaaaah Tina, thank you, thank you, it is such a grand picture to have here among'st
our faery folk, and I would luv to live in a tree - the pygmies used to!
I have made a shade cloth annexe immediately outside my back door
on the right-hand side, and on the left is a well established palm
with at least 10 big beautiful palm leaves on top of it - that reach well over my head,
and I have placed some 50 LED white lights throughout it,
and I regard this as my sanctuary area, I have incense and candles for the nighttime,
where I usually eat my dinner - alone, under my canopy beneath the stars
that seem to peer through the tall trees that are just over the way.
Thanks once more for sharing this wonderful pic here.
Animal Totems

Dreamtime – being in a deeply conscious state in which we are fully attuned to the Oneness of all things

In Dreamtime, every experience is honored for its sacredness. The key is awareness,
for Dreamtime can happen any time, any place.

The Animal Kingdom is a diverse and magical world. When we open our hearts to the Oneness of all life, we see that every species has the potential to be a brother, a sister, an ally or a significant teacher. For this reason, there is considerable power at play when animals appear in Dreamtime. The encounter itself has the capacity to manifest change, deep within our psyche. In truth, animal totems can impart a potent vibratory impact on our energy field. The lesson is to be more attentive as we brave the journey across our spiritual path. In fact, the simple presence of an animal totem reminds us that we have the innate ability to navigate new territory, to absorb complex and challenging lessons, and to realize wisdom and inner peace when important cycles of change unfold in our personal lives. When we implement the ways of an animal totem, we absorb the insight of its inherent medicine. The goal is to watch ever so carefully as we observe the animals that reveal their presence in our dream and waking worlds. Once again, being in awareness is the key while the inter-play is all about creating deeper healing on a soul level.
I have written a reflective lesson for many of the power animals that commonly appear in Dreamtime. May we use this knowledge with respect, wisdom, compassion and Great Love. Finally, may we always remember to express our humble gratitude to our totem as well as to our Creator.

If there is an animal totem that you would like to see listed here that I have not included, please feel open to contact me with your request, and I will do my best to comply.

Alligator: For the dreamer, alligator spirit signifies the presence of an individual who is willing to acquire personal power through a quiet, inner patience. Alligator's gift is awareness of the dangers, lurking below the surface waters of our emotional body. For alligator, the key to survival is the suspension of judgment, even in the face of the great unknown. This is the path of ancient wisdom, for alligator recognizes that we are all seekers of the soul.

Ant: Ant spirit walks the path of cooperation and community. Ant's presence in Dreamtime reminds us that the individual benefits the most by working with the whole. Persistence and hard work are ant's greatest gifts. The key is to make all things sacred through a willing surrender of the ego. By learning the way of the ant, we accept that we are all humble servants of the Universe. Thus, ant medicine is the offering of unconditional love.

Bat: When a bat visits us in our dreams, we are challenged to learn the power of adaptation. Bat tells us to quiet the mind and carefully listen within our hearts for a new voice of expression. Bat's spirit reminds us that the past is no longer relevant. Now, we must release old habits and seek a different way of being. The key is to bring all things into balance. In this manner, bat shows us that positive change can be our soul's greatest ally.

Bear: When we encounter a bear in our dream world, everything is suddenly out in the open. Literally, the spirit is reawakened. The key is to be at one with the Earth. Bear's gift is her protection, for her power is fearless. Bear guides us to face obstacles, to meet the darkest depths of our psyche, and to see that we can be the light that overcomes all fear. Bear is a very powerful totem that empowers the seeker to act with wisdom and love.

Beaver: The spirit of beaver teaches us that personal effort leads to many rewards. The key is to apply quiet ambition with a gentle persistence. As we put our dreams and ideas into motion, beaver guides us to work in harmony with nature and with one another. In this manner, we hold our energy into a pool of light energy from which strong foundations are built. Thus, beaver becomes the manifestation of action that arises from inner peace.

Buffalo: Buffalo guides us into survival mode. His appearance in the dream world reminds us to respect the sacredness of our spirit, for buffalo is the perfect expression of our divinity. In a herd, buffalo symbolizes abundance and protection. Buffalo also teaches us to hold our energy until the right moment. The key is to respond with the impeccability of thought, word and action. In this manner, we create the best possible outcome in all situations.

Bull: This powerful totem reflects a surging energy force, packed full of heat, similar to sunlight. Bull will walk the journey with us into our past lives and assist us in recovering great insight. However, Bull warns us to use our inner strength without bullying others. Likewise, he teaches us to be assertive without becoming stubborn. In its most raw state, untamed Bull energy literally manifests itself as uncontrollable anger or passion. Guard against this tendency with great care!

Bumble Bee: Bee is the ancient symbol of good fortune, joy and harmony. In the dream world, bee comes as a gift from Spirit. He buzzes about in order to awaken us into the moment. Alert and aware, we see that life is sweet and filled with brightness, color and light. Bee also teaches us to engage fully in our creative endeavors. The key is to focus with intention and to be single-minded in purpose. Finally, bee shows us that all life is interdependent.

Butterfly: Butterfly signifies romance, joy and freedom. The key is to move with grace in honor of our inner beauty. In the dream world, butterfly reminds us that someone special will soon enter our inner circle and become a positive influence on our spiritual growth. The lesson of butterfly is to slow down and allow this shift of awareness to happen. To see a butterfly land on you indicates that your transformation will be permanent and very soulful.

Caterpillar reflects a stage in your own spiritual evolution. Continue. . .

Cardinal: To see Cardinal in Dreamtime symbolizes brightness, joy, health and vitality. Through its brilliant red feathers, Cardinal guides us to awaken on a spiritual level. Thus, Cardinal's gift is one of transformation from intellectual thought to a true intuitive knowing. This shift is especially powerful when it comes to manifesting our intentions. Cardinal also reminds us to watch our diets and to employ self-respect, moderation and balance in all things.

Cat: Cat is a popular totem as many of us bring their ancient presence into our hearts and homes. Here is the gift of psychic power, independence, intelligence and creativity. In dreams, cats teach us to believe in ourselves intuitively. The key is to further develop our feminine aspects as we gain greater understanding of the psyche. Cats are natural healers, guiding us to honor the mystery of life. Cat medicine is to see that magic is in the air.

Meeting Cheetah in the dream world symbolizes our need to stop procrastinating, to create a game plan and to move forward with true intent. Cheetah also teaches us that life is too short to waste a single moment on the sidelines.

Chicken: To see a chicken in our dream signifies that we have great potential, but we are stuck in a cowardly mode of behavior. Chicken teaches us that we must exercise all our willpower if we wish to get our projects up and running. Chicken also reminds us that gossip and excessive chatter can create great harm. The key is to take more observant stance, to reflect carefully before speaking, and to ask questions before coming to a conclusion.

Cow: Cow spirit symbolizes our maternal instinct to nurture and care for one another. Cow reminds us to employ a more docile approach to the situation at hand. The key is to pay careful attention to our affairs, as there may a tendency to follow the lead of others without question. The lesson is to recognize that we all need to belong, but that we should not betray our truth to do so. Cow promises fertility, wealth and fulfillment to the dreamer.

Coyote: Coyote spirit is the trickster, for he is both smart and cunning. As a dreamer, we must be aware of any weakness in our thinking. For entertainment, coyote will steal us away from our center and leave us, wandering in a state of confusion. The key is to know the ways of coyote for he has the power to guide us to follow our path of truth. The key is clarity and focus. Coyote medicine is very potent – call upon his energy when trouble is near.

Crane: An encounter with Crane in Dreamtime is a powerful sign of love, happiness, and good will among family and friends. Crane medicine also brings long life, good health and a deeper awakening on a spiritual level. Crane spirit helps us to speak our truth as we live with courage and integrity. The lesson is to wait in complete balance, as we remain ever focused on our path of destiny. The key is to soar as ONE with the wind regardless of the journey's way.

Crow: The appearance of Crow is always a message from our unconscious, for so often Crow warns us of danger, reminds us of our disappointments, and reveals the darker aspects of our character. The key is to be willing to tell the truth regardless of the consequences. Crow's gifts are his voice, his keen insight and his talent for mischief. Crow is a wonderful teacher, so be a good student... one who is prepared to see from afar and speak with great clarity.

Deer: In Dreamtime, deer signifies a gentle, natural beauty and grace. The gifts of deer bring us quick and powerful bursts of high energy. The key is to see life as play. Deer teaches us to get more in tune with our feminine, intuitive side and to develop long lasting, strong, and loyal relationships. There is also great fortune in romance at play, for deer medicine can fully open the heart chakra to gain great understanding through the lessons of love.

Dog: To see a dog in the dream world indicates that a very powerful friend or ally will soon enter our energy field. Dog's gifts are insight, devotion, generosity, protection, faithfulness and unconditional love. Dog also teaches us to be aware of subtle changes. The key to knowing dog's spirit is to be willing to go forward without hesitation, for dog provides us with the opportunity to activate a latent skill or ability and to put new plans into action.

Dolphin: To see Dolphin in a dream guides us to communicate through body, mind and spirit. The key is to meld intellectual knowing with emotional trust to move forward on our life path. Dolphin's gifts are optimism and generosity. Dolphin also teaches us to explore the depths of the unconscious aspects of our psyche. A true awakening can occur when dolphin medicine is applied to our lives – be certain to use this energy with great respect.

Dove: In the dream world, Dove symbolizes peace, harmony, virtue and friendship. As the embodiment of the Divine Mother, Dove energy is especially strong when centered on creating a happy home and joy with loved ones. Moreover, Dove guides us to release our grudges and to set aside our anger and thoughts of vindication. To hear Dove's sweet song is a direct communication from the Holy Spirit, reminding us that we are protected by powerful spiritual forces.

Dragonfly: To encounter Dragonfly symbolizes many important changes for the dreamer. It is through our spiritual maturity that we can more fully integrate experience with destiny. The key is to still the emotions and silence the intellect. Dragonfly teaches us to honor our inner beauty and to allow our uniqueness to shine forth with Spirit's blessing. Dragonfly's gifts are the ability to facilitate healing through compassionate counsel and the awakening of Being.

Eagle: In dream pathworking, Eagle spirit serves The One and offers very protective medicine to the Earth beings he encounters. His gift of flight in high places gives those he guides extraordinary vision, for eagle is the manifestation of perspective with clarity. Here, we learn to cut through to the essence and see things as they truly are. Eagle also teaches us balance and patience. Finally, eagle will give you the freedom to follow your heart's desire.

Elephant: Elephant medicine is to know ourselves. Moreover, to see an elephant in Dreamtime reminds us that we need to be more patient and understanding of others. Elephant gives us dignity, grace, strength and wisdom. The key is to honor the power of our cosmic memory for elephant carries the lessons of our planet from the beginning of time. By connecting to elephant, we affect planetary healing beyond the space-time continuum.

Fish: Fish spirit signifies the illusive nature of all true knowledge. The gifts of fish are good luck, spirituality, positive energy and sustenance. Fish finds its home in the water, the conscious element of all life and the archetypal source of all creation. However, do not try to hold onto fish too tightly, or it will die. The key is to live without judgment, for fish has no need to limit its spirit to form and labels. Fish energy is literally medicine for the soul.

Fox: Fox spirit appears in Dreamtime in order to spark our imagination and inner wisdom. His gifts are shape shifting, alertness and unpredictability. The key is to be clever enough to see a situation, not as we wish it to be, but as it IS. Fox spirit is the grand problem solver. He teaches us to remain in solitude and silence until the way out is shown to us. The key is to see that isolation does not equal punishment – in actuality, it initiates our freedom.

Frog: In Dreamtime, Frog represents the metamorphosis that naturally occurs in various stages of our lives. Frog medicine provides the opportunity for a true transformation of the personality. The key is to be prepared and expect the unexpected for Frog often appears in a multicolored disguise. Look carefully in all directions for Frog spirit gives us great insight and depth of perception. The lesson is to see ourselves, leaping towards our goal or intention.

Hawk: Hawk is beauty and grace in motion. In Dreamtime, hawk is a messenger that warns us to proceed with caution. The key is to sense the subtle meaning carried by the winds of change. Hawk's gift is to surrender to the truth that lies beneath the surface of our reality. The key is to go deep within our psyche in order to see our future path with clear vision. Hawk spirit is very powerful medicine that brings great honor and integrity to the dreamer.

Horse: Horse spirit is power through awareness. Horse brings strength and force into the energy field of the rider, which gives the rider the freedom to journey to far places. The gift of the horse is to release any desire to be in control. Instead, the best possible intention of the rider is to surrender to the horse's being which, in turn, allows the horse its carry its charge forward on his/her true path. Thus, horse medicine is complete surrender of ego.

Leopard: The spirit of Leopard empowers us through our own persistent efforts. The key is to acknowledge our innate ability to align our energy field with the force of the Universe as we manifest our destiny. Leopard teaches us respect, self-confidence and great personal power as we meet our life with true intent, wisdom and everlasting courage. Leopard's gift is the knowledge that we can overcome every obstacle with patience and perseverance.

Lizard: Seeing a lizard in our dreams reflects our deep-seated emotions and anxieties around greed, power and sexuality. Lizard also symbolizes a person in our life or an aspect of our own persona that we perceive as cruel or cold-hearted. The lesson of Lizard is to allow our energy to emerge from the Earth and transform itself into acts of creativity, renewal and revitalization. Above all, Lizard also teaches us to stay balanced and grounded in Spirit.

Lion: To encounter a lion in Dreamtime is to meet the archetypal presence of strength in friendship. Here is the means to tame the wild beast with leadership, courage and truth. The key is to honor our nobility and see that false pride is no match for love and acceptance. The lesson of the lion guides us to overcome the obstacles that cross our path without the use of violence. Lion is a powerful totem that teaches us to speak out, with our entire being.

Monkey: Monkey spirit challenges the dreamer to beware of false-hearted associates who will befriend us only to advance some personal agenda. The lesson with monkey is to be playful, self-reliant and light-hearted. Monkey's gift is the heart of our inner child. The key is to recognize the wise fool who waits in silence until the moment we release it from the chains of our conditioning. Thus, monkey medicine brings great freedom to the dreamer.

Mouse: When Mouse comes to visit, it is a wake-up call! Instead of focusing on the minor and petty annoyances of life, Mouse reminds us to pay closer attention to the opportunities that are all around us. The lesson is to face all of our fears and insecurities, as we find the courage to follow our Heart's desire. The key is to take the path least traveled as opposed to the conventional route. Always, Mouse medicine guides us to see the bigger picture.

Opossum: In Dreamtime, opossum is the master performer, for he is a true chameleon at heart. His favorite game is ‘hide and seek’ for opossum hides from his true self and then seeks that same truth when he suspects that no one is looking. Opossum teaches us that wisdom is the journey within our own hearts. The key is to see through the smoke of illusion and to pierce the darkness of the night to discover that we are inseparable from our Creator.

Otter: Otter spirit signifies happiness and good fortune. Otter's gifts are laughter, loving memories, and nostalgia for family and friends of the past. Otter's lesson is to rekindle lost relationships in a playful, upbeat manner. The key is to have no regrets for the past is gone, and all we have is the present moment with which to play. Otter chooses to live near water. There, he is close to an endless source of love, flowing from the beginning of time.

Owl: The owl is the symbol of feminine wisdom, insight and intuition. Owl spirit often heralds the death or ending of the little self. The key is to be aware of our surroundings. Owl's gift is the call that beckons us to recapture our true life path. As owl reveals her secrets to the dreamer, we are better able to pierce the mystery of the night sky. The lesson is to listen carefully to the inner voice, for owl's spirit asks us to be a light in the darkness.

Panther: In Dreamtime, panther is a sign of death and rebirth. Panther's lesson is to walk with death, to allow the self to die a little, each and every day. In this manner, we begin to live closer to our truth. Panther's gifts are beauty, grace and silence. To sit in absolute quiet and to refrain from speaking, is to own our personal power. Panther comes in the night and calls us in, to walk by his side, to know ourselves – this is panther medicine.

Peacock: Fully aware of his own beauty, peacock signifies a new opportunity for spiritual growth and healing. Peacock's gifts bring confidence, stature and accomplishment to the dreamer. Peacock's feathers are ringed with eyes that contain the medicine of foresight and clairvoyance. On the surface, peacock spirit is boastful energy. The lesson is to watch our pride and beware of the ego. Thus, Peacock medicine is our ability to be noble, yet humble.

Pig: Pig is highly intelligent and signifies wealth and prosperity for the dreamer. Pig's greatest gift is to warn us away from selfishness and overindulgence. The lesson is to refrain from getting caught in the illusive trappings of the material plane. Pig wants everything to stay the same and gets upset by the smallest alteration in his routine. The key is to avoid all addictive behavior, for we cannot seek security and grow spiritually at the same time.

Meeting the spirit of Guinea Pig in Dreamtime reflects our need to take responsibility for everything that is happening in our lives. Guinea Pig also teaches us to pay closer attention to details!

Rabbit: The rabbit totem is an instrument of magic and good luck. Her gifts are spontaneity, alacrity and agility. Likewise, her path guides us to go forward with positive anticipation, for rabbit brings success to all endeavors. Rabbit is also a symbol of reproduction and abundance. The lesson is to create joy and faithfulness within our friendships. Finally, rabbit teaches us to overcome our fears as we take a conscious leap into new territory.

Raccoon: Raccoon is our comical friend of the dream world. His hands have great dexterity, and raccoon uses them to get himself into all kinds of mischief. His gifts are imagination, inventiveness and intelligence, for raccoon is an amazing problem solver. Raccoon is the perpetual student. The key is to love learning, and raccoon teaches us to observe life with an innate sense of curiosity. Thus, raccoon fully understands a situation before taking action.

Raven: In Dreamtime, raven warns of betrayal, disharmony and unhappiness. Raven holds the secrets of life and death in the inky blackness of his feathers. He stealthily guards our fears and keeps them hidden in the depths of our sleep-induced reality. The lesson is to face our demons and see them as truly are. Raven's gifts are courage and honor, for raven is the arch defender of truth. Raven is our shadow self which can only disappear in Light.

Rooster (aka Cock): Rooster is a symbol of resurrection and sexuality as he heralds in the dawn of a new day. Often, good news is at hand when Rooster appears in Dreamtime. However, watchfulness is key as the dreamer must be ever aware of being overly arrogant or cocky. Rooster reminds us to avoid fighting at all costs. The lesson is to respect others while honoring ourselves, or we just might find ourselves ensnared in a ruse of our own making.

Snake: Snake appears in our dreams to alert of us of a significant event that will soon spiral into our waking life. Snake's gifts are psychic energy and spiritual healing. Snake awakens our sexuality and brings renewal to our emotional body. His presence provides us with an opportunity for true transformation of the soul to occur. The key is to honor our friends and respect our enemies for every soul is an important teacher in Earth's School of Love.

Spider: In Dreamtime, spider is feminine power. She protects us from self-destructive behavior and warns us away from temptation. Never step on a spider, for it will surely bring misfortune to the dreamer. Spider's gifts are creativity, industriousness, design and artistry, for spider is an amazing spinner and weaver. The key is to remain relentless in the pursuit of our destiny. Spider also reminds us to be kind to the smallest gifts of the animal world.

Squirrel: Squirrel visits our dream world to remind us that we are holding too tightly to our judgments and preconceptions. This may be a long-held belief, material wealth or even an old relationship that no longer serves our spirit. Squirrel's gift is independence, so we must be especially watchful that we are not conforming to the status quo simply to win the acceptance of others. The key is to let go and make room for new energy to enter our auric field.

Tiger: Whenever we are in the presence of tiger, it is always very powerful medicine. This is "get up and go" energy. The key is to release our emotional body from its mental cage and give it the full expression it deserves. Tiger's gifts are good health, beauty, vitality and sexual freedom. Tiger teaches us that we will be very successful in all our endeavors, especially if we approach our lives with a true sense of pride, inner strength and self-confidence.

Turkey: Turkey spirit symbolizes renewal. Turkey's energy teaches us to think and to channel our energy in a clear and balanced way. Turkey also shows us that recurring life themes are a gift of great benefit. Often we expect someone or something to always be there. Turkey reminds us that nothing is permanent and that life is in constant flux. The key is to take nothing for granted. Instead, we must remember that ALL things are sacred.

Turtle: In Dreamtime, turtle spirit suggests that we are making slow, but steady progress. The key is to live by the motto, "no hurry, no worry." Thus, turtle's lesson is to slow down and pace ourselves. Turtle also remind us that we have everything we need at each moment of life. The goal is not to seek shelter from the realities of the world; instead, must stick out our necks if we are to truly see the way ahead. Finally, turtle gives us long life.

Vulture: When Vulture appears in Dreamtime, it is often a wake up call that a competitor or problem is on the horizon. Vulture reminds us to use past experiences to create positive solutions. Vulture's gifts include keen insight, patience, trust, resourcefulness and flexibility. The key is to be fully open to the purification of the psyche. As the old is removed, the opportunity for renewal can take place. Vulture medicine always serves the greatest good.

Whale: Whale signifies the womb of the natural world and all that emanates from her center. In Dreamtime, whale protects us with her intuition and awareness. The key is to "tune in" to our spirituality and to rely on our feminine self. Her gifts are power and inner strength. Her lesson is to know that guidance will be revealed at the moment we are ready to accept the wisdom therein. Whale energy brings good news, especially in matters of the heart.

Wolf: Wolf spirit is one of our greatest teachers. He signifies loyalty to family and friends. His gift is to find and follow our true path of destiny through an independent spirit and with trust in our many senses. With wolf, we learn to seek periods of retreat to delve into the mystery. When wolf appears in our dreams, he is guiding us to first find great Medicine through inner work, and then to return to our pack to serve as a teacher, guide and healer.

Woodpecker: In the dream world, woodpecker reminds us to look within with balance and attention. Woodpecker's call is like the drum beat of the heart, awakening the spirit into action. The key is to live more fully in the moment. His gift is the opportunity to see that we are longing to return to our natural rhythm – in harmony with our path. Woodpecker seeks his own way of being; thus, he teaches us that it is okay to discover truth in our own way.

Please keep in mind that like all signs, dream symbols are merely pointers,
guiding the seeker ever inward... into the very Heart of our Being.

Blessings & Light ~ Cathy Ginter

(I thought this might be interesting to go along with the dreams!)
Dear Tina, you are a most incredible being, I am absolutely ecstatic to come here and find your latest
contribution with the animal totems, which is something that I have never encountered before,
and....it makes perfect sense to me, as all the animals of the world are part of the overall picture
of Nature, and it is from Nature that we learn.....I am sooo excited, could we add some pics of all
the creatures you have mentioned here, oh yess indeedee, I'm off to do some research lol!
Big thanks to you Tina.

I thought as a thank you to Tina, I would like to insert this video,
so that we might listen to the beautiful music while we scroll through these brilliant photos
of Tina's Animal Totem....(I hope this works)

`Thank YOU Tina'
Wow! What a beautiful thread. I'm amazed I haven't seen this. I love all things fairies. Here is a watercolor I did of my concept of Tina as a sort of fairy. :) Good to see you here tonight, Tina, as I fall into bed. We must be on opposite schedules. Have a lovely evening everyone. Night night ~ Raven

Hullooooo there Golanv (Raven) - I am extremely happy that you tell us of the great pleasure it is for you
to stay here amongst the pixies, faeries, gnomes and all of Tina's incredible animals,
she surely has surpassed herself this time, in fact, I wish I had a printer,
so that I could make up a book of sorts, it is so stunning - superb photography of the animals,
it's too hard to pick a favorite - but, that Puma gets me !!!!!!!!
Thanks for your Comment Raven.
Sorry Ozzieowl, I removed them for your concerns only. You know by now that I adore the many hours of work that you do. I hold you so dear in this adventure of online friendships and communications. However....You know that I posted them just for you and you can find them again on my site and group...I have no restraint or fears there....Hugs and blessings, Tina
arte espirituais Pictures, Images and Photos
It's right here OzzieOwl, A few pages back because we haven't been working it much lately. But it is here.
Tina, I have just this moment played your video for the very first time (because I can now with B.band),
and .....I want to tell you that it is sheer joy and enchantment to spend a few minutes watching all of
the very beautiful graphics that the pan flute seems to be perfectly suited for,
as we watch all of those beautiful creatures pass by our eyes, helping us to re-call perhaps,
much more care-free and happy days of our childhood.
And with the way I am feeling as I get older, is that is where I would much rather often be!
Thank you, thank you my friend, as it truly is an alchemic moment to spend in time....




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