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Kittycat and I got her pm yesterday regarding TBub's progress. Rarely do I have an urge to crack open a beer, last night was one of those rare occasions.



Is Pru the reason you drink or do drugs?



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I don't need much of a reason to drink beer. This might call for something more festive.
Well, I hadn't thought about it, but those hallucinogens she's been on this week do seem rather appealing.
The next time I end up in the drunk tank, I will just blame Pru.

She is already putting on her boot butt kickers............
I guess?
Yes she does to me too. But only to dull the pain of the KITPs.

Heck, I'll toast to anybody...anytime... To life...to love...to making it another day.
Good toast Jaylee! I toast all of you.
Neat thing about Pru, she might buy you a beer, but she won't drink your beer.

Larry, this weekend Pru will hosting the 3rd Annual Houston Beer Fest for you.


Eddie is is cool, but Pru was/is a party animal. Just kidding sweetie, I love you no matter what!!!!!

A new hat for Dear Pru.




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