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How do I get the TBD main page to stop singing to me?

Please share this information so I can get back to thriving.


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It's the "Pan To A Flame" popout in the blogs. I just clicked the pause button. HI DANNY!!! :-)
Ahh....mute it. Then it won't come on again.
ug. sorry 'bout that. truly. I hope I fixed it. if not ... lemme know and I'll pull it altogether. again ... oops. MJM
Ah, so if I post a blog entry with an audio clip, then everyone will hear it?

I can imagine that such a feature might be abused in some manner.
That could happen. I would like to think that most people just don't realize it when they do it.
Yea....let's blame him!!! LOL

Hey Danny....Happy New Year...I see you're still a lovely shade of jaundice...
Good to see you Danny.
Hi Danny!
Just shoot it like Bubba shot the jutebox in that country song.
I find a 12 guage works wonders.
A 45 makes less mess.
Sorry, I have been on the main page since my birthday.




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