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If you watched the MTV awards instead of the football games last night....you were exposed to an illegal procedure penalty of a different kind. If you watched football instead of the MTV Videio awards show...you apparently missed a big red flag. I am just going to post the link here--and you be the judge as to what happened!


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Wow. That was incredible. DUH!!! Who the *H* does he think he is?
It shows that rudeness has taken a huge place in our cluture. Just this week we have had Joe Wilson, Serena Williams and now Kanye. All of August we had to watch the people at town halls yelling and interupting speakers and other questioners. At one such meeting they heckled a woman in a wheelchair. It should not be okay to do things like this and anyone that does should be punished. Even though it appears Serena has been fined, $10,000 is nothing to her. No one else has seen any consiquences. Wilson is even using it to raise campaign money. I my opinion Wilson should be censured, Williams suspended and Kanye never invited to another award ceremony. As for the town hall disrupter they should have been escorted out. Just my opinion.
I'm with you, pickleallen!
"It shows that rudeness has taken a huge place in our cluture."(sic)

Couldn't agree more. Like highjacking a thread about an awards show and turning it to politics.
Quite the asshole for sure. It appeared that many in the audience may have supported his actions, or were they applauding Taylor Swift. Rudeness seems to becoming an American way of life. It's good for ratings among the younger people though, they seem to gravitate toward shows that show people bickering and insulting each other.
It sounded like they were saying "Taylor,Taylor" to me, maybe that's what I wanted to hear :-)
Well, at least this time he was pointing out somebody rather than himself. But, that was pretty rude, looked like Beyonce thought so too.
I was glad to read this as a follow up.
Too bad I'm on dial-up. But really I'm kinda surprised you even ask. I mean, you guys have me right? Ha-ha, yes you do. So hey.

Speaking of rude, anyone seen my latest blog?

Now that's what I call rude

Ahh crap!!! The man is going to ruin Jay Leno's premiere tonight! Maybe he just thought of a subtle way to try to get a date with Beyonce?
Oh common. Do you even think she has any idea who I am?




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