TBD on Ning


How about a thread where we can go just to check in,

hang out, converse a little about anything? 

here's a place for us to just...


check in...


see what's going on with each other...


catch up...


So... what's up?



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Hi, Smartass.
Hi, CallEmLikeYaSeeEm.

Welp, that means I'm buying the beer then. You could have just asked instead of the 'ol broken-furnace-repair-bill-excuse.


What was your lame excuse last time? I remember, hundreds of thousands of dollars in surgery costs. Sheesh! :)

LOL. I bust his chops only because he busts mine.
Bite me!!
OMG - I LOVE your new avatar!!!!! "-D

Larry & Kittycat & TeeBub & Mrs. TeeBub.... ya'll raise a glass & say "Cheers!" from me tonight!

I'm not gonna wish you a great time, b/c I know that's a given. And I'm certainly not going to tell you to behave. '-)

We'll raise glasses and bottles to ya Deez, we'll be talking thinking about all of you.
Thanks, Larry! ((((((Hugs to all of you!))))))

A good time was had by all.

Even if Larry was there. :-0

We went to Stone Mountain today to ride our bikes. We only have a week (from tomorrow) to train for our fundraising Tour de Cure ride for the American Diabetes Association. So... my goal was 5 miles today, 6+ miles tomorrow, up to 8+ by next weekend & I figure I'll make the 10 mile commitment. Ducatiman's doing the 32 mile route, but he's a cyclist, so that's no biggee for him. I am NOT a cyclist. A few months ago was the first time I'd ridden a bike since I was about 14 years old. So, here's my long & drawn out point: the literature says it's a 5 mile loop around Stone Mountain. That was my goal for today, but I was stretching it, b/c it's a 1/2 mile trek in from the trail head. So we go.... it's nice. Fun. Not too many hills. Other bikers & walkers along the way. And the way. And the way. 5 1/2 miles into it, clearly we weren't near our finish. We averaged 16 miles an hour for about the first 5-6 miles, which I think is awesome. Then I start thinking I'm going to die. I can't make it up any more hills & have to walk. I'm so ready for us to make it to the end I think I might cry. It was 9 1/4 miles, including the trek in & out!!!!! Agggghhhhh!!!!!!! I made it 8 miles on the bike, and had to walk the last 1 1/4 miles. I made it, but I'm not a happy camper about it.
...that's what's up w/me. ;-p
Well, kudos to you for even trying it.




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