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How about a thread where we can go just to check in,

hang out, converse a little about anything? 

here's a place for us to just...


check in...


see what's going on with each other...


catch up...


So... what's up?



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Hi B A F, that was TBub the last time he visited.


Good morning, gang! Happy Sunday to you!


How 'bout a little coffee...

and a some breakfast...

and Sunday morning tunes...


I've had a lazy morning & now I'm heading off to do some house projects,

then to Mass in the late afternoon & on to dinner out w/a girlfriend.


What's up w/you today?

Glad you like the pics, Quinn. I'm so sorry you might have asthma! When will you know?

Will you make it ALL the way across country, B A F? Will ya? Maybe? '-)


I'm very interested to hear more about your storage sleeping platform. Will you secure it to the floorboard w/L brackets?

( Ears perk up!!!) Utah you say? End of April? Could it possibly be? Add: Not to be presumptuous that you would want to meet up, but if you did I would do what I could to say hi.
West Valley City actually, just a Burb of Salt Lake City. As I am mobile now, I can pretty much get to you anywhere in the general vicinity. Perhaps a hike around Utah Lake. My best friends little sister loves to get out and I would certainly ask her to join. PMing you contact info.
Did you get your license, JLee??
I sure did D's girl.With a points possible of -20, I minused 6. I was quite proud of myself. Silly to some, but I was happy.

Awesome, JLee!

I'm proud of you, too!

I'm celebrating for you way over here in Atlanta! '-)


BAF, You'll enjoy that area. I visited J Lee last year. He lives in a great area.
Hiya, Joella! Hope you have a good night.




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