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For a little over a year I have been traveling around meeting fellow tbd ers.  Yesterday I tried to find my list of people that I have met. I can't find it. I must be over 40!!!

So, I'm trying to reconstruct it.  I attended tbd GTG at Kansas City and Pittsburg. Since then I have been out west and backand forth from Texas to Maryland and down to Florida, Here is the is the list that I have been able to reconstruct. I'll also post some pictures. The list is organized alphabetically by the first letter of the name you use on tbd.


I can not identify some of the people at the KC and Pittsburg meets. If you have met me and your name isn't on the list, please PM me. If your name is on the list and you haven't met me, please PM me  If you havent met me and your name isn't on the list, don't feel bad. You are just one of many lucky people.

                                            THE LIST


2. akabukowski (KAT, Katherine)             28. Larry Kremis

3. abbygirl                                              29. Marty Mill

4. Al Munsford                                        30.Masterful Tapistry

5.April                                                    31. Marlys P

6. Blane                                                 32. Mark Mentzer 

7. Celtic KC                                            33. NASCARGIRL

8. Chris Cary                                          34. Naidre wild tide

9. Chris Brown                                        35. ODEE

10. CAT                                                  36. outdrslvr

11. Coral                                                37. Prunella Farquar

12. Cowboy                                             38. PC1589

13. callipyge                                            39. Powergirl

14. Cyberdoug                                         40. RUBEDO

15.Cuppajoe                                            41. ROBYN

16.Charg                                                  42. Sandra Dee

17.Galen Brent                                         43. sleeplessinevv

18. George Richards                                 44. softtouch 

19. Gail                                                   45. teebubbadee

20. Greg (met at Pittsburg ???)                  46. WS

21. Kittycat                                               47. Wanda the Faye (WtF)

22. Kathy Arleane                                      48. Joanne

23. Lady in Cornith                                     49. Brad

24. Linda Diane                                          50.  Janet

25. LindaQ                                                 51. ????

26. Lynn Retired

27. Long kayak


I believe that there are three people who were at the Pittsburg meet whose names I can not remember and I can't find them on the current list of tbd members.


Correction: I just added them as 48,49,50 Thanks to cat. So the unidentified people at Pittsburg have now been identified. AGGIE was the 50th person met.  That should be worth some kind of special recognition.


I also think that I possibly have missed some who were at KC.


If you can help please comment or pm me. Here are pictures of unidentified people at Pittsburg.


Man in white shorts and woman in pink dress.



Name of singer?

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Not yet, Robbie.

Some day, though, when the dollar gets stronger again. I'm counting on it.
Here is a picture of the attendees at Kansas City

Second row. Guy with the black shirt, Pancho Villa, I think.
You're talking about Rubedo. I think he was a laywer. Probably defended Pancho Villa
Yeh, Wish I had known you last June when I was in Colorado Springs.

Welcome back to Texas!
Sorry Robbie, can't help you with this project. I do know your list is out of order. Cause I was 43, Larry and Kitty C were 44 and 45. :-)
Tee, Yeh, when I realized I couldn't find the original list I quit trying to put the names in chronological order. You're all number one in my book anyway.
It's so cool that you've met so many TBDers! I hope you can get up to Minnesota sometime.
And the list goes on .... Robbie ...That list is getting longer and longer...I love it!
Thanks to cat, who is the manager of The Daily Grind, I just updated the list. She provided the names of the people at Pittsburg who I could not identify. It now stands at the number 50. Aggie was the official number 50 so we should give him a special designation. Any suggestions? Who wants to be 51?
Fifty is the atomic number of tin. Aggie can be your Tin Man.

I gotta go, my local chapter of Mensa Society meets in an hour.




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