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we all know Larry and Kittykat are on the road for the next couple weeks. You know what that means gang??????? We can go to their house, I am sure Lar has beer stashed away, and we can take up a collection, and party---no clean up required!!!!!!!  He will be a bit surprised when he gets back and all the furniture is broken and the place is trashed. Good old Larry, he will not mind giving up his house for us. Anyone got the correct address?????   Party---Party

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Hahahaha! Well - there is that picture of their house with snow on it !
You don't think they'd like to come home to this?

or this?

Sure, why not? Larry probably forgot to lock the door, anyway. And, hey, Kitty has to keep Larry busy doing SOMETHING, to keep him out of trouble!! LOL.
Larry will be so happy we are having a good time. He likes to clean. So he will have to buy new furniture. He will be getting so much free food on the trip. he can afford it--!!! lets go---up, up and away
Have a good time.
Sandra Dee, DZGD, TSD, TeeBubbaDee, I and some others will be busy keeping them on the road. The rest of you guys are going to owe us.
I think I will have time to come for a few days before they get here. You can find the address on white pages.com
I have been to his house so you can PM me if you need directions.
Oh oh . . .
Funny, I just saw this, blondie; didn't know you had posted out here. Need to get outside the Q & A more often.
I lugged a big tub of guacamole over there earlier and there's a big purple concoction in the hot tub, an adult jump house and silly string in the basement. There's crepes, tex-mex, chips, and all sorts of goodies.
That's right, PARTY!
I found Larry's stash. He had it hid in the basement, under a bunch of porn magazines.

I now have a new goal in my life.

Here's a sample.




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