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Being as it's my gal's birthday and I'll be playing a show tonight (04-11-10), I thought it would be a nice way to pay tribute to a woman who is an ardent friend, a woman who sings to one's strengths, is the voice of encouragement in difficult times and who is NOT afraid to call out b/s when she sees it.
Diana you are the most wonderful woman I have ever had the privilege to meet. It is an honour to have you by my side!!!!


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Very nice tribute TSD, your own good fortune isn't lost on you.

Happy birthday "Dazzling One"!
Happy Birthday Diana...hope you have the most wonderful of days.
Happy Birthday, my lovely friend. I hope it's a great day and that the coming year brings you all good things. xoxx
Happy birthday DZG
That says it all!
Happy Birthday, Diana!

Happy Birthday! (Click Me)
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Oh ! My situ with 'puter has been sorted just in TIME for today! Thank you everyone - and TSD - well well well ... AND you know - I've only just told him 'bout his B.Day wishes from last Monday - he has yet to see the thread! So later today we will share - I will find the thread in Q & A.

It's AWFUL not being online - one feels so blue and benefit! I'm terribly complimented - thank you all SO much much. The sun is shining and and if y'all don't mind - I need a nap. ( I have not slept yet.) Back L8R! Kisses!
Glad you and TSD are back Diana!
Happy birthday over here, too Diana. I've brought a whole bed of tulips just like you - a spring flower in fall colors.

For you, my love!!! The celebration continues....!!!!!




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