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Columnist Trevor Boeckmann uses old arguments against interracial marriage to question current arguments against homosexual marriage.


Marriage. It is the moral fabric of our society. It allows our culture to break into the family unit, allowing future generations to flourish. Since the dawn of society, people have understood the importance of marriage. Yet today marriage is under attack. While state legislature after state legislature implemented laws demanding traditional marriage be upheld and the family unit preserved, groups of unelected judges have undermined it. Our founding fathers would be irate to see it: judges trying to create laws instead of interpreting and enforcing them; judges going against the opinion of the American public.
It is time we stand up for traditional marriage. Write your congressmen, talk to your friends and family and let them know the importance of restoring marriage to how nature intended it – one white man and one white woman.
The dangers of interracial marriage are well-established. Miscegenation is an untested social experiment that puts our future generations at risk. A 1968 study published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease overviews the hazards interracial marriage poses on children. The burden of not having a race to call their own is often overwhelming. The Los Angeles County General Hospital reported their children’s psychiatry ward was full of interracial children. This should come as no surprise; deviating from what God intended can have dire consequences. No moral society should impose these consequences on children.

The State also has an interest in preserving traditional same-race marriages. As California Supreme Court Justice Shenk argued in a passionate dissent in support of traditional marriage, “The amalgamation of the races is not only unnatural, but is always productive of deplorable results. The purity of the public morals, the moral and physical development of both races and the highest advancement of civilization. . . all require that (the races) should be kept distinctly separate, and that connections and alliances so unnatural should be prohibited by positive law and subject to no evasion.”

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Don't times change? Are things really just the same as they were in 1968? Since the dawn of society....Really? This isn't the dawn of society, this is here and now and things are different. Very sad that people can't stop talking about how "They walked 10 miles in a snow storm to get to school"(my own weird analogy here)...you can actually ride a bus now fools.
BTW- Hi Vernon. I enjoy reading your posts here at TBD. Long time listener, first time poster. :-)
Thanks, but why the reticence?
I spend a lot of time lurking and learning. I enjoy listening when it comes to topics that are more...serious. I am not very much of a wordsmith either so I find it's best to keep my mouth shut rather than remove ALL doubt. ;-)
Well, it looks like I crossed (and burned) that bridge long ago. ;-)
Wow. Quite a powerful satire piece. The parallels are striking. It's kind of interesting that many of the same people fighting against the rights of same sex couples are also against what they see as government interference in other areas of our lives.
Pretty good for a college student, don't you think? Satire is a powerful tool to make a point. I wish I had the ability to do this.
The only thing troubling to an interracial child of 1968 was being picked on as being different, interracial children aren't so different than other children today. I did chuckle at the writer's satirical reference to their emotional problems being that their parents deviated from what God intended. The only thing I want to see in marriages is 2 people choosing correctly the first time, whether it be interracial, same race or homosexual. Take your time and choose well.
I agree, Larry. And you know what's great about same sex couples with kids? You have to really really want to be a parent for it to happen. I'd say those kids start out a little luckier that the ones whose parents weren't sure.
It's definitely a challenge for same sex couples to raise a child. I hope they're totally honest when the child is old enough to realize that his/her parents aren't like most of the other kids' parents. There's certainly the risk of the kid being bullied. A wise couple will keep their eyes wide open during the child's school years. People are more tolerant of differences in other people these days. It will even get better and easier as time goes on.
I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
Well now!!! That is better than throwing up in the mouth of someone of a different race.




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