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Are there unwanted side effects to eating "Right"?

We all know by now that many medications have bad side effects. "If in excess of 4 hours---------etc..

What about diet?

No!!! I'm not talking about the effects of Shoney's all you can eat buffet.  If you eat regularly at An "all you can eat" diner, you know very well the possible side effects.

What I'm refering too are those little side effects that you may not be aware of. 

For Example:

Asparagus is the ultimate springtime vegetable. But some of us find our urine smells strange after we eat it. According to "The Science of Good Food," "Our bodies metabolize asparagusic acid into methyl mercaptan, a chemical that closely resembles skunk spray. About 40 percent of the population claim to be immune to the effect, although it is now believed to be more common." Recent research suggests, though, that genetics determine which people are able to detect the odor, which is why some of us don't notice a change in our urine's smell after enjoying asparagus.
So, if you are having trouble getting a second date, it might be because of something you ate.
Extra Strong Garlic chicken anyone?
Or, if you really hate your dentist, What should you eat just before your next appointment?
Yes! there can be many side effects to our diet.
What do you suggest for a purpose driven diet?
Let's hear your suggestions. And/Or funny diet stories. 


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Yeah, lol. Good one Pru, they need to elaborate a little more. Thanks to Lynda, I may never eat again.
I will remember the King for "Can't Help Falling in Love."
Now we know. It was the fault of the chef at "Heartbreak Hotel.
Actually, this is a good example of the "when you start a discussion on tbd, you have no idea wher it might lead.
Yes, and I've missed that, too. We have stayed remarkably on target over here at TBD II. For the most part. Heh.

I must say that this is one subject that benefits from drift - upwind.

About a year after "the King" kakked it, a friend asked me to make a Presley compilation tape, and he asked me to make up some cover art as well. I scrounged around and found a photo of Irving Berlin, who, at the age of 102 years, looked to be around 65 or so, and titled it "Irving Berlin at the age of 102". Next to it, I pasted up a National Geographic photo of a 1,000-year-old Peruvian mummy, all rotted, mangy and falling apart and titled it, "Elvis Presley at the age of 102".

I don't know why I do things like that.
Because you are pleasantly deranged.




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