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I bought new shoes today.

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BTW, Lar has a nice pic of himself and family on FB right now.  He's wearing his burial suit and a pair of dress shoes.

Kittycat remarked that she wouldn't let him wear the velcro jobbers with the suit.

That poor lady's job never ends, I tell ya.

A friend of mine that never dressed up wore a suit to his wedding, but sandals.

The next year he & his wife attended my wedding. He wore a suit & dress shoes.

That was about 20 years ago. His wife hasn't forgiven him yet.

I'm afraid of Facebook. I know people who went in there and never came out. I heard they were being kept as slave labor at some Farm town.
Yeah robbie, they send me out on recruiting missions for a little while every day.
LOL!  That Larry has managed to outdo himself with that ensemble!





Larry - close your legs! ...that is SO unladylike.

That whole image is wrong on sooooo many levels.....=8-)

I bought two pair of shoes yesterday.

Neither one of them required velcro.





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