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I bought new shoes today.

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You can run but you can't hide.
1gl said "Kittycat......here's a solution to the velcro.......In his sleep keep pressing and ripping the Velcro in his hear.......He'll go back to laces quickly *L*"

I'm definitely going to try that. No worse sound than that. I only hope that it works. Thanks.
Well, I took Larry's fashon advice and bought a pair of shoes with velcro. Just thought I'd go back and see if he had any other advice for us suave and deboner guys.
LMAO!!! Perfect, Quinn!!! Absolutely perfect!!!!  lol
I was saving it for just the right moment ;-)
Well, thanks, Robbie, b/c NOW I know where all the velcro jokes stem from.
Yes, Robbie, I wondered about that too.

OMG Robbie! You went back 2 years for this, LMAO. It's a fun reread. I saw one of my posts where I had just gotten home from work. WORK? It has been a long time. I remember how appalled AggieK and Quinn were at my purchase.


Congrats on your velcro purchase, I'm wearing the exact same shoes right now. ROFL

KC helped me stage the photos with the matching purse and all. I see they're gone. I'm glad you're now suave and deboner like me.

I bought new shoes  online.

At Roadrunner.com.

They are gore-tex Nikes.

made for hiking but really good for the work I do.





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