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Prescription drugs that is.

The current health care debate has caused me and many others to take an increased interest in the status of health care in the US.


During some of my research I came across the following information. "The first line of defense in health care is usually prescription drugs. Research has shown that 90% of prescription drugs work for less than 50% of the intended population".


In other words, 9 out of 10 prescription drugs work less than half the time!!!


This leads to the conclusion that we could save a large amount of the money we now spend on health care if we knew what worked for each individual.


OK! I will now throw this open to discussion. First I would like to know if any of you have had medicine prescribed for you that didn't work?

Did your Doctor look to see what meds had been prescribed for you in the past?

Are you one of those RARE INDIVIDUALS that experenced "Side Effects"

Are your medical records accessible when you travel?


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Good observation. Goes right to the heart of the matter. And comes from someone with lots of experience. I do think that probably the biggest single money saving change to our health care system would be digitizing our records so that they would be accessible over the internet. I do realize there would undoubtedly be many problems during the development of such a system.
Oh! Is rolling your eys the same as googling?
OK, I carry my medical records with me, but, like the other morning often forget to take them with me. If given the option I would gamble that no one would be interested enough in my medical records to hack them. And if they did, what would they do with them. It would seem to me that I would be served much better if UTMB had been able to pull up my past history. I am a big believer in individual privacy, but in some cases would like to have the choice to decide how private I want to be.
Well, people do banking online,buy using credit,debit on everything from ebay,Walmart...as long as it's done correctly,which it would be, it would remain private.
Just as I cannot access your bank acct, or credit card info...Look at how many companies have people's credit card info, such as cable companies,phone,where ever you have it taken out each month,or your bank info.
No, it wouldn't be a major ordeal with all the technology we have to have a system,and have it private.
As far as prescription meds go, I'd like to see dr's not get bonuses,rewards of any kind for "selling " you on meds.
Our medical records are probably on the net now with all of this hacking going on.
I found this strange:
My insurance company called me and asked all kinds of questions.
Do I see things that are not there?
Do I go to town and forget how to get home?
What month is this?
Then this gal asked me to repeat what she said in her first words.
I said Apples, oranges and pineapple.
Maybe she was trying to see if I’m getting senile.
I called the number back and got my insurance company. (a test)
Someone is looking into side affects….. I guess?
The only side effects I've ever experienced was from a placebo. Ok! So I'm different.

I don't worry about the "Big Brother" thing, I have nothing to hide, I'm not paranoid. My medical record is available at every VA clinic and hospital around the country. I like it.
Larry, My impression of the VA was formed after Viet Nam. From what I hear from you and many people at the military RV Parks, it would appear that the VA has become as good, if not better medical institution than most. What I have always been afraid of is that once you get into the system you can not get out. Is that still the case? Since I have Medicare and Tricare-for-life the only reason I am considering the VA is the idea that once in the system I could go to any VA clinic or hospital and they would have access to my medical history.
Larry, I do not know how you got the Va benefits. Husband is Vietnam viet and I ran income on he and I and they said no way. I think even with his SS he would be denied. Can't even have any money in the bank, but that would be no problem for him. I take care of that, and I put the bare minimum. They still threw it out and appeal, again out.
Blondie, When did he apply? In the early 2000's they tried for a period to treat only medical problems that were caused by military service. I think they have relented and take most vets. This is the first time I have heard of means testing. But on the other hand I don't know much about it since I have never applied. I do have lots of retired military friends who use it, and my cousin's husband received lots of care at the facility in Clarksburg, WV. They even have a rest home there.
In Martinsburg, WV--in the last year. It is a no go. He still works and has an excellent income. He served in the vietnam era and did 8 years active service. He is just old and I want to get him ready for the Va nursing center. He is more than 10 yrs my senior.--yea
"Has an excellant income". That's it blondie. I don't remember what the minimum annual income is, but we're under it with our Railroad Retirement, our annual income is just over $20,000. I will probably have to go back to work part time, but I'll need to be careful I don't make too much. I sound like a welfare recipient, I understand where they've been coming from, gotta watch how much you make so as not to mess up the free stuff.
Robbie, I haven't tried to get out, I just got in back in September due to retiring. I can't imagine them keeping you from going to another doctor or health facility. But I may be wrong.
We wil never get anything. we have to work--can not live together--I hope the nursing home comes soon--I work days, he works evening--we take differnent days off--now thats love.




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