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I admit, people interrupting other people who are trying to speak, drives me crazy. As you might imagine, sometimes I find it difficult to engage in conversation with some people. Simply put, I can't get a word in edgewise. I won't interrupt them, and they won't shut up. It got so bad during a graduate seminar (I was the only y chromosome in the room) that I waited until someone asked me what I thought or alternatively I raised my hand like was in grade school.

I'm willing to own this little quirk (which I tend to think of as a courtesy), and understand that it tends to decrease my level of communication in certain situations. There is a function of this interrupting tendency which I find particularly annoying and egregious. Some people use this tactic to run over, or dominate people or opinions they don't agree with or care for.

I found a good example of this today online and want to see if your opinion agrees with mine. I think Joe Scarborough is bound and determined to quash Katrina Vanden Heuvel's opinion and to make sure she doesn't get to make her points. Joe tends to do this more with women than men, but he does it all too often. Watch how whatever point she is trying to make is interrupted, shifted, and then abandoned.


After watching something like this, I want to wrap Joe's mouth with duct tape (or just punch his lights out). We never really get to hear what she has to say. Anyone else have this reaction?

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I don't care for Scarborough and never listen to anything he is on, but I thought that she did get her points across. I have seen much worse behaviour on the fox news shows. And other shows as well. Firing line comes to mind. I stopped watching all news shows because they have pretty much turned into prime time Jerry Springer. I still read the columnists. They can't interupt each other.
I have to disagree. How would you know if she got her points across when she could never finish her thought? Are we supposed to assume we know what she is going to say?
I couldn't watch the whole thing either B A F. I stopped when he started defending Bush. I know what you mean Vernon, Chris Matthews does the same thing.
You're right Larry, Chris Matthews is just as bad.
Yes, Vernon, I share your dislike of being interrupted or watching it happen.
And yes, it is about courtesy, and ego at times.
Some people need attention or to be heard so badly, they grab a volley and turn it into a monologue. I have been the "recipient" of this kind of conversational coup and have come to believe the over talkers either don't realize or care what they're doing.
Personally, it is very draining and boring to be trapped by a monopolizer, even when sincerely interested in that person. I had a relative who practiced this technique. And she peppered her monologue with, "Isn't that right?" just often enough to prevent one from completely leaving the talk mentally. Had the effect of keeping one at the ready with a pertinent "yes."
And forget about dissenting. Not possible. If one actually got their opposing opinion out, it was immediately squashed by a torrent of words.
I've heard others call over-talking verbal diarrhea, or verbal fix, to put it nicely. The person is engaged only for self-release of words.
Going to the link you provided. Sounds just rude.
It's like a verbal assault. I usually remain passive at the time, although I have been known to make a subtle point on occasion. But I have a long memory. If it is habitual, it determines whether the person is worth my time.




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