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I know why these two clowns get away with their nonsense. They work for the CIA. Well, Dobbs could work for MI6, he could be on loan or something. But really. Think about it. No one questions their blatant racism. Why is that?

I don't think that kind of nonsense has any place in the media. REALLY.

Just my opinion. I guess it stinks, huh.


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you got it there Zen. Ray gun was responsible for much of the mess this country is in now. I said when he was in office and my opinion has not changed.
they are both a bunch of ignorant fools who will take anyones money as long as they can get attention. Beck says outlandish things and then says "look what I just said"----who gives a shit anymore.
Beck, Dobbs, Hannity, O'Reilly, etc. dupes alot of people. I don't know if the people are that naive or if they are just followers who can't think for themselves. It just boggles my mind. I'm with you ZD. They should be taken off the air. They just keep fanning the flames & my deepest fear is that one day, they'll go too far and one of their listeners is going to kill President Obama. It upsets me to even type those words. What is wrong with the heads of those networks?

They turned the volume up tonight. I think it's true. Fox is a covert shop.
I do
So do I, ZenDog
Fox hired Ollie North. It's an extension of a network of old boys from the cold war. It is, I'm convinced. It's a shop.
I'm tellin' ya. It's a shop.
I'm tellin' ya. It's a shop.
: X




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