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I know why these two clowns get away with their nonsense. They work for the CIA. Well, Dobbs could work for MI6, he could be on loan or something. But really. Think about it. No one questions their blatant racism. Why is that?

I don't think that kind of nonsense has any place in the media. REALLY.

Just my opinion. I guess it stinks, huh.


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What? Nobody wants to touch this bit of humor?


Ok Ok it's the DIA! It just aint right I'm tellin' ya, it just aint right!


ZD - perhaps a little background music is required . . .http://mediamatters.org/press/releases/200907310004
Thanks for the link DZ. It's outrageous that these people get air time for nonsense like this. It's outrageous that the corporations behind them disavow such statements and do nothing. There must be some reason for it.

The NYT reported some time ago on the Defense Dept. selling the invasion of Iraq to the public - I missed the coverage, but I believe I saw a link indicating they won an award for it back in 2006 or 2007.

So I just naturally assume some gov't agency is using them to conduct a very informal national poll - and maybe a few other things as well. Beck had a guy on his webcast crying Obama will take away our guns, and a few days later in Philly a kid uses an M-16 to kill a few cops when they show up responding to the domestic dispute between him and his mom.

I don't like it. A lot of people don't like it. Yet nothing happens. Why? Why does nothing happen? Why are no corrective measures taken?

I'm all in favor of free speech. Absolutely. But because of the association of their speech with these huge industry leaders their speech comes burnished with an air of legitimacy. I'd like to set up a crew and pull their ear for a month but I already know: these two guys are insiders.

The only explanation must be some level of pressure advocating a do nothing response to these guys.

And that is so typically repelican . . .

Reminds me of the pic updates for Air Force One over the Statue of Liberty . . . and clearly indicates that not enough people have been fired yet . . .
Zen, I agree with you. Beck I understand because he is on Fox which is based on hate and misleading information, Dobbs I don't understand unless CNN is trying to silence the people on the right who have claimed for years that they are The Communist News Network. It would not be this way if Ted Turner was still in charge.
I would seriously advocate shooting these two guys - but I'm afraid if I do then some reporters over in Iraq will get disappeared . . .

And I'm convinced Beck knows exactly what he is doing. He is adding to the signal

Ya know, now that I think about it, I bet I don't need to set up an ear pulling crew - all it will take is a bit of work with those crews that already exist . . .

It's simply a question of using information to:

a) increase the length of time it takes for police response to Beck's home address
b) simultaneously increase crime in his neighborhood

It's a real mean idea, I know - but hey. I've been taught really really well . . .

. . . . . ZenDog sayz:


hee-hee-HAAA HAAhaa whEEEE!

. . .: X

. . . perhaps a nerve is tender . . .


. . . Lets blame Ronnie Ray-gun -

. . . for initiating a program designed to subvert the news media in the wake of WaterGate . . .

. . . this is where it's gone . . .

: X




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