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I have noticed a couple of women on here that like to follow me around and nah say or insult me. I wonder what their problem is? Get a life.

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There will always be people who do that, especially when you're straight forward with your opinion. So many people would rather play games and look like the good person...following you, making you a target because you are upfront when you get into discussions...they like to try to make you look bad.
I love people who say so many things in a harsh way, but because they didn't curse, whatever they say is ok.
The best thing if you can do it, is to ignore them. If they post a reply to something you post, just act as if it's not there.
As long as you react, they'll keep you as a target. Ignore, they'll move on and find a new one to focus on.
Wise advice.
Man, I had no idea that this question would cause so much havoc. Thanks all, but it was a question to all. I do ignore it for the most part and oddly enough for those of you that know me, these people aren't from any of the groups, where yes I do mouth off and sometimes with a foul mouth. Sorry some people are so delicate that they can't stand a hell, damn, shit or fuck once in a while.BUT I guess WTF is okay. That they get upset when they join groups they oppose to cause disruptions and I bite them. I could understand one of those people following me around, LMAO.

My point was, that I don't spend time seeking out those I disagree with and or; in the case of one of them, rub their nose in their relationship status every chance I get. It makes me think it is purely personal and have nothing to do with my views. It is weird a smacks of high school chicks. So. it is just curious that a grown women would take petty digs at me.
Sorry some people are so delicate that they can't stand a hell, damn, shit or fuck once in a while.

Hey, all of those plus one more earned me an epidural with my last kid! Sorry, my mind wanders off onto tangents at times... ;-) lol
Yes and John also said "Time wounds all heels!"
jealous of u?!
Ya gotta dig that KD sometimes...succinct and quite clear. This thread popped up last night at a most interesting time in TBD for me. Interesting conversation in here. I will stand by the quip "This too shall pass".

I too think Tina is right ...and so are you Kevin.
Love it even better!
Mine really don't bother staying in the shadows all that much...




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