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I have noticed a couple of women on here that like to follow me around and nah say or insult me. I wonder what their problem is? Get a life.

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Too fun PW, Just too much fun!
OMGosh..I think there is a PING virus spreading on TBDNing.
Acute...not fatal. Have 2 jokes and call in the morning :-)
Does anyone ever remember that ol' chant...."Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but words can never harm me".....and this is where I add my bit...."unless you choose to let them."

And then I read once....."We cause just as much unhappiness, pain and suffering in the world,
when we take offense - besides giving it."

My bottom line here is.....karma catches up sooner or later.
Hey y'all... My bad, but I just can't get past pg 2 of 7 readingv on this topic at this hour especially. Personally, I'm ok with that it's on the front pg. I am not only aware of secret hatred here on tbd, I'm well aware of blatened ones A's well...&, it makes me ill quite frankly. Ppl that built have been bullied since childhood-look at the statistics of divorce , domestic violence & crimes against mandKind & nature. I believe that "secret" bully's are deeply disturbed ppl with an inAbity to identify with their inner selves so they hide behind false friendships, the bs words, work & varying communities for their own who's sake. A group should be started about it due to the severity if it's relevance. These types jump all over others confusing kindness weekness & use a mask of superiority to diguise the truth of their insuperiority. A coping mechanism hard wired into their brains & ubringing, incorporated into their lifestyles. Coming off A's intellectuals who try to deveope stimulating, or societally "cool" conversations in order to seek approval from the same-spirited individuals, or groups of individuals. It's just AS dis-heartening AS our Nation's falling apart, globally. Which is a Moral delemia more than any political delemia. Look at the depression & suicide rates, the homelessness, etc, etc + etc. Ppl have to take pills or read every positive thing they can today, do ALL they can to create peace, Unity, Live, Harmony, Compassion, Kindnesses, Respectful Couteousness, etc...& be more aware of it now than ever before (my opinion...should always either be that way or building towards it). Ppl here are suppose to be able to speak freely in an open forum without all this anymosity. This is how relationships, families, businesses, nations + fall apart through dis-assemblement. We are not teenagers anymore, & no...not eveyone can take care of themselves any more...why don't we each believe that we should be the 1st to lend out a neighborly hand??? "Let it begin with me"... Ther's a million wisdoms I could bored u with, perhaps surprise u with, to quote... But I'll spare ya. Perhaps if we all worked a bit more diligently in supporting one another instead of trying to push off or alienate eachother, or 'push them back into their "own neighborhoods", so to speak, ppl wouldn't be so quick to leave tbd-or just lurk! A lot of ppl could lerarn the greStest gifts by becoming more educated on how to transcend the ulmity self. This lil tbd wirld could just be the lil society that could help this vast nation & earth, then...idk UNIVERSALLY be of some Real Good!?!?! Jibber jabber just to defend ourselves is a waste of time to hear ourselves Talk ONLY 2 B validated by another outside source (still my opinion). Maybe the real discussion that needs to be opened is "Who REALLY Cates about making a difference in this world we ALL live in together, like it or not"! Thank you for bring this OUT into the OPEN!! ppl will always disagree & have a set stance of their views. Not all ppl are open-minded, or think outside their box, or can see 2 sides or more of a viewpoint. That is their right, that does not need 2 B inflicted upon others bec of their conviction, or debate to the point where there isn't an allowance to 'agree to disagree'. Some ppl need tobe more attune with the fact that there are sensative ppl in this world, who do stand for & stand up for issues of concern. & if someone is unable to stand up for themself I for one am glad to have a few friends that I would feel more than approachable to say the words Im at the time to overwhelmed to express. Hopefully, if we become more unified a a group on a whole, this wouldn't need to be an issue of concern. We build wars at home before we build them outside our homes. Another Topic; "How Do U Define 'Cool'?" "Semanitics: Arguing them would surely cost us $ & Sence in the workplace!" Obviously this is an important topic to courageously & lovingly, with sincerity Bring to the Front. To much slighting going on here.
KTULU worte:
"Hey y'all... My bad, but I just can't get past pg 2 of 7 readingv on this topic at this hour especially. Personally, I'm ok with that it's on the front pg. I am not only aware of secret hatred here on tbd, I'm well aware of blatened ones A's well...&, it makes me ill quite frankly. Ppl that built have been bullied since childhood-look at the statistics of divorce , domestic violence & crimes against mandKind & nature. I believe that "secret" bully's are deeply disturbed ppl with an inAbity to identify with their inner selves so they hide behind false friendships, the bs words," ............

?????? ! Say what? Have you considered that you just may have protested over much? That's quite the diatribe considering that Grace Linda managed to say all she needed to say in three sentences !
And quite ocbviously she did not...hence the question which 7 pages of input has thus far followed. In addition, there is more than one question here being asked. From even one question, cone two...or more. Depending on the size of ones concsience & understanding; & ability to express themself. Who is it that doesth protest?
And thus one thing does lead to another, you make some really good points in here Kt. It starts small and then it snowballs, from the personality one on one comes a social attitude that can be acceptable or not. At the very least an interesting study. Perhaps you should open that group when your Pc difficulties allow! Just wanted you to know that I heard your message and think your points are valid and important to more than just the one, but to anyone who cares to understand them.
Be glad to T, should I get that opportunity. Bec I seereally fine ppl here leaving, or not wantingto be part of this Social Net-WORKING Arena. Sticks n stones my arse! The fact that ppl so arrogantly use terms like "They...Must be Envious of you"... Speaks of such arrogance it...it sadly makes me laugh it's so ridicous. Some of the ppl I have briefly come accross here no nothing of humility. That is a loss for the masses (again, my opionion). I'm almost glad my computer is down. The Gaul to say, "well ya just can't let the harmful things we say cruely or in'gest u can just turn off or go away...pretty much says it all.
I think that there always has been and always will be a certain circle of "bullies" in the world. What has taken me by surprise is that in a community as small as this, I am surprised at the dynamics of the followers as opposed to the independent thinkers. I watch as one will make attempt to humiliate or attack another person and those who jump on the band wagon always surprise me.

On the other side of things, it also allows people to know who they are in the reality of real life and real life situations. I have shared that it is quite different if you are on the receiving end of a vicious and untrue attack. Some will ask pm questions, some will go away all together and some will continue to follow you wherever you go and no matter what you post find, or even make up a problem where none exists. Because I believe still yet in the hope and potential of humanity, I am still surprised, I have not allowed the world to bring me to a place of being cynical just yet. It is something I work very hard to avoid. I don't want to loose my hope in the potential of good in the human race. So I keep trying, even though I am on the short end of the stick.

One fine day I think that the world will have no choice but to offer up the best of themselves. I might not be around to see it, but I am going to keep watching, listening and waiting. It does hurt to be publicly attacked, whether you are there when it happens or learn of it later. But it won't kill you, just wound the heart and feelings. I have lived with bruises of one type or another most of my life, so there would not be a reason for me to quit believing or trying.

Take heart Kt. one fine day...and yes when I am wrong I post an apology, why? Because it is simply the right thing to do. If I can make a mistake publicly, I can admit it the same way I made it! It really is as simple as saying "I love you" or "I am sorry" both three words and can have equal impact on a human heart and life. No, not necessary, just the right thing, the kind thing to do.

I am very glad that this issue came up at all. In three short sentences, it opened a door for several to share their own experiences and feelings and after all that is a part of what a social net work is about. So as sorry as I am that anyone is shadowed, something negative can always be turned to something positive if that is what one is looking for in life.
We are birds of a feather, that fly together. I do the same... Not matter how foolish I may appear to others. I have unfortunately come across others who are not at this point in their journey. They in my obervation... Are 'ABOVE' that. I saw a mad proudly gloating that he watced a person follow him over 16 diffrent threads to have their say so, & arrogantly laughing, ironically how that it was 'her' that was crazy. Trying to grab a gang of supposed psychotherapist to qualify his OPINIon... A's he persued opening up a different and continuous dicussion about it. I was appaulled at the persistance & integration of this (with the exception of a few ppl who contributed in a higher formal response, temporarily). The term "shallow" came up. I refraid from responding for a few reasons. One, I understand that anger is a healthy emotion for a good reason, but what one does with that anger is what it vital. The irony I saw in this 'short-enough' lived division was amazing to me on a few deep levels. I comprehend the difference btw being superficial vs shallow. Many ppl are not able to discern the diff Btw envy & jealousy either. I always welcome ppl into "my inventory". Ppl need others truthful input into the way they are viwed & at the very least considerate it. U can ask ppl u trust & respect, you can ask ppl ur not really friends with. I've only said tell me the honest truth of what u think, feel, believe ir vibe you get. Your best friend will always tell u the truth, ESP if u r asking them to for ur sake. When someone asks me the same, I qualify it by saying 'Do u really want to know?" so far, they've always said yes. Bec it's re valueing & reevaluating, to become the best being u can be. Not everyone practices integrity, honesty, risk of exposure or rejection. Many ppl find the truth within & around themself & our wold that way. Life is too short for blowin smoke up the buttox. There is a mound of joy in innocent fun. I wasctaught don't say anything to anyone u wouldn't u don't want anyone that u couldn't day directly to their face, the same applies for writing; don't write something u wouldn't want anyone else to see. So words & writings & knoelege carry power & resposdibilies. It'd probably suit the world best to all be negotiators, A's opposed to just standing firmly planted on the ground never to sway & portrait. "The Road Less Traveled".




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