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I have noticed a couple of women on here that like to follow me around and nah say or insult me. I wonder what their problem is? Get a life.

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jealous of u?!
Ya gotta dig that KD sometimes...succinct and quite clear. This thread popped up last night at a most interesting time in TBD for me. Interesting conversation in here. I will stand by the quip "This too shall pass".

I too think Tina is right ...and so are you Kevin.
Love it even better!
Mine really don't bother staying in the shadows all that much...
Thistle - I think you should post whatever you want. I do. If someone doesn't like it - too bad for them. :-)
..."personally I could give a rats ass. THEY Own That"... PEACE'I Hardley think so... & that's the point exactly...The ppl that don't Personally give a rats ass...about much other than their high opinion of thensef & absolute opinion. Well...Since u seen 2 K iw it All... The u would be familiar with the saying, "Every A-Hole has an Opinion"...ever consider using sone tact? Have a litTle respect or an ounce of openMindedness. I wasn't speAking of u or trr by the way. Not that hat is of any interest to u, considering how u state ur 'feelings' about not Defending ur self. I believe that's more along the lines of narcassism & not healthly self expression A's u may choose to percieve. Perhaps u may be wise enuf to listen b4 responding so desperately fast to the next reply that may not even have to do with u. Just a thought ....or no, opinion as u say.
I always admire your straight-forwardness anthony.
There is a big difference in disagreeing with someone's opinion and attacking someone's personal integrity ...especially airing of dirty laundry of their personal life that has nothing to do with 'opinions'...especially when the 'dirty laundry' they are airing is so old that it is filled with cobwebs and totally irrelevant to the subject at hand anyhow. That is just plain maliciousness...
and attacking someones personal life like that is NEVER the right thing to do...so dont act like it is some kind of misunderstanding...that is BS...
and just so you know it...I dont give a shit what you think of me or my opinions....your opinion means nothing to me Mr. Kremis... and look I said it directly to you and not behind your back when you dont have a chance to defend yourself...like you did...and still on this new TBD made snide remarks ...barely disquised (just enough to allow you a chance for denial if questioned about it by the person you were referencing in your remarks) and you were attacking a person who had done NOTHING to you but offer kindness...and I know you know who I mean...or do you want me to use her name...I would but you would probably just deny it...that is what gossipers are good at... just MHO...
now you have a 'reason' to not like me...and I could care less Mr. Kremis...
It must be the beans




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