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I spent the last three days researching which smart phone to upgrade to. The deal sounded really good. I am eligible to take advantage of Verizon's "New for Two" program. I can upgrade to a fancy new phone for very little outlay of money. The new contract was almost signed when the personable sales person I was dealing with said "And you are aware that this will add $30 a month to your plan? WHAT??? Nothing in my research had uncovered this not so minor change to my plan.  I said"No! I was not aware of that. I will have to think this over.

I have lived 72 years without a "Smart Phone". do I have to have one now? 


Do you have one? Are you payin $130 or more a month to be able to talk to your friends at any time during the day or night? Why?


Are we spending enough time on our smart phones and computers? do we need to spend more?


Should I spend $30 more a month for the use of a smart phone?


I currently spend $107 per month for Cell Phone and computer internet access.


What do you spend? Fess up.

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I still like my old crank phone. You can catch more fish with it. Sorry!
I have very little need to stay more connected with the world. So for my cell I pay about $20 a month and its for my convenience. It might be fun to have a smart phone, but I don't think I want the bill that goes with it.
Well, Robbie, I've been on hold w/the cable company for about half an hour now. Thanks for initiating this curiosity for me. I'm getting my internet & cable account sorted out, thanks to you!
So... here's the skinny on my 'gadget' confession you asked for...

I DO have the $30/mo. data package for my bb. Yes, I did absolutely FINE w/out it for 46 years, but now that I have it, I find it's worth $1/day to have access to reading & sending emails, IM & browser capability on my phone. So, I pay

Unlimited Minutes: $69.99
Data Package: . . . .29.99
250 Texts . . . . . . . 5.00

Total Monthly Cost: $105.00
Ability to instantly receive & send emails to Robbie: Priceless.

My Internet is $47.95/month, which I think is high, so if someone else has a better deal, please let me know!
I refused to buy a cell phone for myself, as I LIKE being unreachable from time to time.

But my fiancee bought a plan, mainly so that her wandering fool of a son would be able to contact her the next time he stuck his foot in a meat grinder just to see what would happen. She got me a phone, and I use it far more for texting my daughter (who HATES talking on the phone, but will happily fire off fifty texts a day) and for directions and recommendations when we're traveling in unfamiliar areas.

As for all the rest of the never-ending flood of shiny new toys - Hmm. I'm much more excited about getting a new tool that actually DOES something, than a communications device that I could use to tell somebody what I'd rather be doing if I hadn't spent the money on the phone instead of on the tool.
Don't look at me Robbie, I'm planning on getting a jitterbug as soon as the contract runs out on my current penny phone. I only hope that the jitterbug has an alarm that I can set feature as that is the only extra that has been useful so far. Otherwise , I'm a bit of a vulture waiting for the technology to come down in price and I have to confess before I got my Ipod shuffle, that using a portable CD player felt just like wearing an 8 track player on my head.
I have the My Touch by T-Mobile (love/hate thing going on with it!) $184.00 a month unlimited everything and no roaming charges(I drive a big rig have to have one) I undrstand that its down to one company now that has roaming charges. Once I get out of this trk I wont need anything but the very basic(cant wait).
Ive heard of other companies giving much better deals,for now what I have will have to do.
Yikes, 184.00 per month, is it tax deductable? We have two phones for about $60 per month with a thousand minutes and roaming and unlimited UScellular to UScellular calls and then the internet is about $29 cause I'm embarrassed to ask the neighbors for thier security code to use thier signal.
George and I only have one cell phone, we only use it as a phone, and only if we are traveling or need help while away from home. I know the bill is pretty low, but don't know the exact amount.




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