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I spent the last three days researching which smart phone to upgrade to. The deal sounded really good. I am eligible to take advantage of Verizon's "New for Two" program. I can upgrade to a fancy new phone for very little outlay of money. The new contract was almost signed when the personable sales person I was dealing with said "And you are aware that this will add $30 a month to your plan? WHAT??? Nothing in my research had uncovered this not so minor change to my plan.  I said"No! I was not aware of that. I will have to think this over.

I have lived 72 years without a "Smart Phone". do I have to have one now? 


Do you have one? Are you payin $130 or more a month to be able to talk to your friends at any time during the day or night? Why?


Are we spending enough time on our smart phones and computers? do we need to spend more?


Should I spend $30 more a month for the use of a smart phone?


I currently spend $107 per month for Cell Phone and computer internet access.


What do you spend? Fess up.

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I pay $26.99 per month for unlimited internet services (Quest broadband)
My wife pays $100.00 per month for two cell phones and internet service (Verizon).
My cell is fifteen minutes and hers is one hour per month.
I'm not sure exactly what we pay Robbie. (bills are in FL. and I'm in OH) But, I do know we have had the same cell phone plan for about 5 or 6 years, and we never upgrade because the plan we have is very reasonable. Smart phone? No thanks, I don't need to be that "connected".
I had to get a new phone back in Febuary. I bought one from the display that said simple phones. It does everything I need to do. My daughter uses a Blackberry but I do not see the need. I pay $147 a month for 3 phones, unlimited text and a data plan for the Blackberry. She will finally be out of school next May and perhaps she will take over that one herself.
Since I was stupid enough to jump into a swimming pool with my cell in my pocket, I had to get myself a new cell (I was entitled to an upgrade, in any case) After checking it out, I decided that the only thing I actually needed a cell phone for was to make phone calls. What a concept! So I ended up getting a "regular" cell phone.

I have access to enough computers that I don't require IV Internet. I don't Tweet, Twit, or whatever you call it. My life is boring enough that I can't imagine that anyone with an actual life of their own would want to "follow" it and I have enough trouble dealing with my own problems to worry about anyone else's.

Quite frankly, most of this crap is simply playing to everyone's insecurity that they are actually mssing something by not being constantly connected to everyone else; what you end up with is spending $20 a month to find out that A is picking is nose, B is scratching her ass, and you can make a restaurant reservation from the middle of the street when you can do it for free from the privacy and comfort of your own living room, ten minutes later, for free. The fact that there may be "an App for that" sounds cool but, in practice, is worth very little. Frankly, I am more interested in something for which there is "a Nap for that"
Always the voice of reason, Nick.

I don't even have a cell phone. Any time I've ever been in a situation where I needed one, I turned to someone next to me and batted my eyelashes, à la Blanche duBois.

Robbie, you know what I thought of when I saw this. You and Pru have such a talent for catchy headlines...
Robbie I think it a need versus want. Personally I don't need or want one. I do see in you situation where there is a need,then it is just up to you to decide the want.
I'm too dumb for a smart phone.
I don't want any electrical gadget around that's smarter than me.......wait, that means I have chunk the coffee pot...can't do that. But, I use a phone as it was intended....TO TALK ON...no internet, no texting, maybe an occasional picture, but that's all. I pay $59.95 a month to Verizon for unlimited calls to other Verizon customers and unlimited calls to 5 friends....anytime day or night, plus 800 anytime minutes which I use maybe a hundred of. The last time I updated my phone they tried to talk me into one of those "Smart" phones. It actually had an app for plugging into traffic cameras. for a fee of course...
If someone invents a gadget that can make people fly or at least hover 20 feet above the ground, I'd be the first to camp outside the stores to buy one.
I'd be right behind you, Maricel!
I hardly ever turn on my cell phone.
When I do turn it on it says you have been disconnected from our service.
I wait a few seconds while they reinstate me.
I just have it for emergencies.
I still like my old crank photo. You can catch more fish with it.




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